Lost At Sea (A Legolas Love-Story)

The one type of elf you never thought you'd see. They are hidden between the sea and the storm and rarely come out of the water. But one elleth, Aranel Melendur, decides that she will leave the well guarded home and adventure the outside world. Little did she know when she came back her whole clan of elves was dead due to a new evil that rests the only place she thought she was safe, her home! Find out the rest in Lost At Sea!!!!


1. Meeting Aranel

Aranel Melendur

Age: 500 (looks 20)

Height: 5"7

Hair Color: Gold (Green/Blue in sea form)

Eye Color: Turquoise (Gold in sea form)

Weapons: Bow and arrow, dual knives

Skills: Healing, Fighting, Arguing

Parents: Elra Melendur, Thronal Melendur

Siblings: Elrohir Melendur

Tattoos/Piercings: The elvish word for ocean on the back of her right shoulder and her mothers ocean necklace around her neck.

Biography: Hi, My name is Aranel and my parents were king and queen of The Serenia realm of Elves but now that is all destroyed due to the new evil in the ocean. Now my brother and I are riding to Mirkwood to inform them of this danger. And that's where my story begins.

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