Lost At Sea (A Legolas Love-Story)

The one type of elf you never thought you'd see. They are hidden between the sea and the storm and rarely come out of the water. But one elleth, Aranel Melendur, decides that she will leave the well guarded home and adventure the outside world. Little did she know when she came back her whole clan of elves was dead due to a new evil that rests the only place she thought she was safe, her home! Find out the rest in Lost At Sea!!!!


2. Chapter 1: Captured

The ground sank under my bare feet as I stumbled through the wood having lost my horse. For the third time.

I heard a horn in the distance and immediately knew the sound. The fire mages. These are dark creatures that have the power of fire. They are similar to my kind. In fact we were once kin.

The fire and the water, controlling the elements of there kind. Sadly, there power went to there heads and never have they returned from there dark nightmares.

I rested my head on a tree for a moment to strategize my escape. Quickly finding out that, that was a very bad idea.

I then heard footsteps approaching and a lot of yelling then a sharp pain in the back of my head and everything went black.


I woke what I assumed was a few hours later finding I had no memory of what had happened. But what I did have were the severe injuries on my legs, arms and head.

I tried to stand but failed miserably. Without my legs working I began to think. Which also only worked about half way.

What if they? No they couldn't have. But maybe... No.

Suddenly I heard a loud bang and the doors to my cell flew open. In came two elves from Filaria (fire realm).

"Look the elleth is alive" said the handsome brunet.

"Well how about we do something about that!" Said the so so blonde.

"No, why don't we have some fun first." Said the brunet

I backed up fearfully against the chains at the back of the cell. But to no avail, my efforts were useless. The men continued to advance.

And all that night, my screams could be heard through the cavernous dungeon of Filaria.

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