This Is What Makes Us Girls(A Harry Styles Love Story)


Maya Tomlinson. The un superior twin of Louis Tomlinson. There exactly the same, except of course that she is not known by the entire world. Actually she doesn't even know her brother is. You see when Louis was off on the X Factor Maya was at college. Of course in order to not know it would have to be a very prestige college. Since it is she did not worry herself with family. In all honesty she has not seen them in two years. When finally she graduates and is allowed to go home she does and to her surprise she finds Louis there with the rest of his band mates. During thee journey as friends does Maya find her mister right?


1. Chappy 1: Finally Home…Yay?

Chappy 1: Finally Home!!

POV: Maya

"I see him occasionally walking up and down the halls, and I get this feeling. This feeling I get is happy, like a nostalgic memory lost within the depths of my clairvoyant mind. Gathering up my courage, I force myself to trump my shyness, that nefarious antagonist whom I quarrel with daily, and mutter "hi" to him. Saying this is so fun, such a pleasing emotion fills my heart to its maximum occupancy. I fill with joy, I become so lost within my own mind , I decide I've had enough of this infernal hesitation. As I approach him, my extremities go numb just as if I were being pelted with ice cold ,bone chilling snow, however, I plow on through my nagging regret. I softly say "hi" and he turns around so gracefully that everything around him seems to freeze and fade. Oddly enough he says "hi" back to me and the barrier of nervousness that was constructed before me shatters. The clam our of my heart beat is rather conspicuous during our conversation, however he seems unaware of its existence. When I am with him I see nothing but love and immense joy, an abundance of joy, and my joy and love is effervescent, almost bursting out of me. Then the pain and agony tears at my soul ,for now I must say bye. Saying bye is so painful and as he walks away. I turn around constantly to watch him slowly proceed farther and farther away from my grasp. Where I can hold her and be intoxicated by his beauty she emits..."

As I finish writing and put my pencil down and look out the window, finally home. I haven't seen my family in 2 years and I'm so excited. Mum said Louis is gone all the time and doesn't even live at home anymore but she didn't tell me what he was doing away. The school is very secluded so I didn't see much of any body except for the people that go there. And let me tell you it's a very nice school so I'm lucky I'm lucky I got in. It was the best day of my life when I found out that I got accepted. Of course I was upset about leaving my family but I knew they would get on just fine without me I mean they got Louis. I mean they threw a goodbye party for me and didn't send a single tear on my party or the day before ,on or after I left.

I wish I didn't have to go back home but I have to because I'm done with schooling. I have tried so hard over the years to please my parents but no matter what I do nothing seems to work because I will always be just the other kid that the parents never mentioned because they forgot about them. Everywhere I go everyone seems to think I'm just a walking pity party but I'm not. You see my whole life I have not shared a thing with Louis which is ironic because that's the thing twins are supposed to do. But every time everybody else got some thing Louis got the best and I got a dollar and apologies for forgetting me. I don't know about you but that really sucked to me. Anyway I'm getting off topic. So, home. I wonder if they actually did miss me. They probably didn't. Louis is the one who's always missed. Are they even here already? Mum probably isn't. She probably didn't remember her daughter was coming back after two years of being away at school trying to make something of herself to pay for the house or food for the family. They are so lucky that I got a scholarship. Or else I would have been stuck at home making their lives torture that they can't bare to face. Oh well what are you gonna do.

As we land I sigh and think about all the better things I could be doing right now.

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