1. why me?

Everyone has questions but not as many as me Katrina. I have more questions than anyone, my hole life to me is a blur. I need to find a way to restore my memory.

I woke up in the hospital, forgetting that I was alive. Just a second ago I was dead, I think. You can never tell for these kind of things. When I woke up, I can not explain this feeling, not knowing anything in your life. As I slowly get out of the hospital bed I am in to find a doctor. As soon as I stood up I looked around and saw a boy in the corner, asleep. I woke him up to see if he could help me. I woke him up and as he slowly awoke he looked at me in disbelief and started with the questions. First he asked who I thought I was. The thing was is that I remember my name but everything else was a blur. I felt like I recognized him but I did not know what his name was. I replied with a shoulder shrug. He freaked and ran to get a doctor so I took a seat on the bed I woke up on. I was about to look and see when someone was going to come and get me. Then before I could get up a doctor rushed in and took a good look at me as if I was not real but just an imaginary figure. I sated hi and was extremely confused. He looked at me and started doing tests on me and looking at me.

I did not mind this until he asked me what I remembered of my life. All I could remember was that my name was Katrina. After I told him that he walked out of the room without another word. When he got back I had fallen asleep.

I woke up to someone shaking me violently. As I slowly opened my eyes I saw the boy who was in the corner when I woke up. He screamed "Kat please come back!" I woke up screaming and I realized it was all just a dream as the doctors rushed to help me. After that I was to afraid to go to sleep so I took out my phone. I thought that looking at old photos would refresh my memory's but all I got out of that was tears and more tears. Then I thought I would call up all the people on my contact list. First was Anna Grayson. I heard it ring and I somewhat recognized the voice, but it was a mans voice.

I asked who was there and he replied with "this is Si Anderson. Who are you?" He asked me with anger hidden in his voice. I replied "were is Anna?" He told me that I had the wrong number so I thought I did. After that I decided that I was going to only call the girls on this list. The next girl on the list was Avaree Ashanti. I was hoping that she would be nice. I dialed her number and A girl answered and she said hello. She seem like a nice sweet girl. We talked for a while and then she made arrangements to come see me in the hospital. Soon not that long later after the call I heard a knock on my door. I yelled come in. Avery's Ashanti I'm assuming came up to me and she wanted all Katrine I haven't seen you in so long. I was so surprised I haven't seen her in a while but I can remember her I don't know if it's just me seeing things but I feel like I saw her when I was blacked out. I'm a little confused. Why they seems girl before. I'm a little nervous.

Hey guys I hope you like this I don't know if anyone's going to read it but if you read it thank you and I hope you like it, it for more I'll be taking ideas from other people. And I'm sorry for any spelling errors I'm not really checking this site kind of just one along with it. Thanks bye

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