2. why help?

"Why help me when there is many other pas gents in the hospital, why does it seem you all only care about me?" I asked and they looked at mr with obvious confusion in there faces. They tell me that I am worth more than what I tell myself I am but I do not believe them, they told me I have a 1 in 30 chance to regain my memory but I think I am not going to be that one.

That night I went to the guidance of a friend I made in the week I was there. Her name was Emily and she was suffering from cancer. We both know what eachothercare going through but not in the you would think. I have never had cancer and she has never had memory loss but we understand the dirty looks and the blank stares at us and it helps a lot to have someone to rant off all my anger.

I was on my way to her room but when I got there doctors and nurses surrounded my only friend. I was trying to see what was going on but when ever I asked they would tell me I had to go back to my room. And the worst part is that Emily is my only friend and if I lost her I would be all alone.

Later I when to go check up on Emily but she was not there I he normal room. I asked at least 7 different doctors before one gave me an answer. It was not a good answer but it was not the worst that he could have said. He said that she would not wake up. I asked if I could see her but he told me it would be best if I stated in my room. Later that day the doctors came in and told me I could leave the hospital but I did. It have any where to stay. Then I suddenly remembered a name which was pretty impressive for my condition. I told the doctors I remember something from my old life. I remembered one name. The doctor said "what Kat?" I told him I remembered the name joey graceffa.

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