3. who is this?

I was here nervous but exited. I found joey in my contacts and we talked. Apparently I once was a "youtube star" as Joey liked to say. I explained what had happened to me. Then he explained my youtube Chanel. He said i had an alter ego on my youtube Chanel named Vicky and I also had 700000 subscribers.

I let that sink in then I asked him the question I have been debating to ask this hole conversation. Joey was talking and I rudely interrupted him and yelled in to the phone "can I come and live with you and your roommate!?!" The phone. He screamed yes!

I was standing outside of his door. I knocked because I did not have a key. Someone I feel like I have met before. His face has a surprised look on it as he took me into a hug.

"Who are you" I interrupt our hug.

"Oh I forgot you lost your memory" now his surprised look is replaced by a sad and lonly look

" so who are you" I say after a few seconds of silence.

"I am sawyer Hartman and I am your brother."

Now it is my turn to be shocked. I let out the tears I have been holding in as he pulls me inside. I, at that point, was balling. He hugged me again and this time it was a more sympathetic hug than a nice to see you hug. We were talking and I was trying my hardest to remember him, he was my brother so I had to remember him. Our small conversation was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. I had a feeling that Joey was here. I herd him yell "sawyer soon we will have a new guest coming to live with-" he stopped his sentence as he saw me.

Once I saw him in person I knew me and him would get along. I was telling them storys of the people I met at the hospital when I started to tell the story about the guy who was in my room when I woke up and then I realized that it was sawyer! I was right in the middle of telling how I felt when I woke up when I stopped talking and asked one of them to tell a story because mine where stupid and boring. Joey said that they were boring and that we should go see a movie.

I do not remember the name of it but all I know is that it was a horror film and I was close to tears the whole thing. At one point joey must have saw the horror in my eyes and wrapped his arm around me and I gladly snuggled up to him. It was nice to have a feeling of protection. For some reason I felt at home with him and sawyer.

When it was time for bed the boys told me that I had a choice, to sleep in joeys room or sawyers room. I slept in sawyers room because we were related so it would not be that weird. I noticed that I only had one pair of cloths and I wore them all day. Sawyer told me to go get ready for bed. I took a shower and it felt nice because I had not taken a shower for 3 days. When I came out of he shower I put on the cloths I was wearing all day and knocked on sawyer a door.

"Come in" I hear someone say

As I enter the door I see joey in only his boxers.

"Sorry I thought this was sawyers room" I told him.

"This is sawyers room but I was going to try on some new cloths for a video and his room is cleaner that mine."

I laugh and he pulls a hurt look.

"I'll just go now."

"No stay just turn around wile I put my cloths back on."

I turn around awkwardly. I stand there until Joey throws something at me. I flinch because I was not expecting that. It stays on my head and I know it is an article of clothing. It was a shirt. He told me I should not stay in they same cloths I had been wearing all day. He was still in the room but I was wearing a tank top so I took of my shirt and put on the one he lent me.

He says that he has something in his room he wants to show me so I follow him into a room that looked like had been hit by a tornado. He sat at his desk and started playing on his Mac a video that he had made and it was titled "sawyers little sis is movin' in." I thought it was cute but was confused why he showed me.

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