5. one more video

we finished the video and he said that we were going to make a video on my channel. we decided that we would make it about me and joey being together and my memory loss. 

"she seems like a different person than she was before so i hope she does not loos any subscribers." joey is so funny.

"i am not i will always be the same person, just with a different personality." i say as i am trying not to break my serious face. i let out a little giggle.

"i like this personality way better."

"i do not know which one i like better because i do not remember the first one."

when we ended the video he had to enplane how i end all of my videos. 

"you say bye kittens. meow."

"bye kittens. MEOW" i say as i put my hand over the camera.

when we finished that video joey gave me a little peck on my lips

"come on kitten we need to edit the videos." 

i did not know how to so joey stood behind me with his hand on the hand i had on the mouse. "i dont get it" i say as he starts to walk away. he smiled knowing that i just want him to be near me."kitty, just let me go and get my laptop and i will be right next to you." he says trying to mimic my voice. i start to cut out parts of the video and put the parts i cut out into a folder that i labeled "bloopers." i did that so i could make a bloopers video later when i have enough film. as i am editing the video i realize that joey was staring at me almost the whole time. 

when joey enters the room after what felt like hours i was already finished editing the video. i get up to go get a drink when joey latches on to my wrists. he was on a chair with wheels so i pulled him with me to the kitchen. we are both laughing and when i got to the kitchen i forgot what i was going to get so i opened the freezer when i see frozen chicken. i cook them wile joey sat on his laptop and edited the video for his channel.

 We sat down with the chicken on joeys bed like the classy people we are. He asked me what I wanted to watch and I shrugged. He put in a movie but refused to tell me what movie it was. I found out it was some horror film. " Ugh another one." I complain.

"Would you rather us do something else," Joey said.

" anything else," I said like a little kid.

" even this!" Joey started tickling me and I started laughing and could not stop.

After the tickle fight me and joey watched the lion king and I fell asleep in his arms.
















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