Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


9. Chapter 9 - Getting Harry Ready

-4 months later-


*Harry's point of view*


"I need to go do something in my room." I said getting off the couch


I went up to my room and closed the door. I sat on my chair and stared out the window. It's been 4 months, I should be over Katy by now but I can’t


"Harry?" I heard Liam say slightly opening the door


"Yes?" I asked resting my head on my hand


"I know it hurts you to see them be together but you have to be strong." He said sitting on my bed


"I know, I'm working on that but having them make out on the couch next to me is very uncomfortable." I said turning around


“Ok we couldn’t stand them anymore” Louis said walking into my room with Zayn


“Are you still upset about them?” Zayn asked me


“Slowly I’m getting over them but right now I’m still upset” I said looking down.


“You know, we’ve written plenty of songs that fit this situation.” Louis said. “Let’s see, there I should’ve kissed you, loved you first”


“Louis, now is not the time for that.” Liam said


“He’s right, those songs do fit this situation.” I said


“C’mon don’t think that. Um, what are your thoughts on our new house? I never got a tour of you room. Like, what’s this door? The closet? Your own bathroom? A random extra room you’re not going to tell us about? I’ll never know unless you give me a tour.” Liam said trying to cheer me up


“Just leave me here to rot.” I said getting on the floor “If you still want a tour of my room go ahead and explore.” I said laying down


*Louis’ point of view*


I sat down next to Liam on the bed and tried to think of ways to cheer harry up. I immediately thought that all he needed was a girlfriend. I got my phone out and started to text Zayn, he was 20 steps away from me but I didn’t want Harry to overhear us so I had to do the old fashion way.


“Why are you texting Zayn when he’s in the same room as you?” Liam whispered to me


I made a three way convo and we discussed what to do.


“What was the name of the girl that Katy introduced to him, the one that he’s getting close to?” I asked. I always forget her name even though we see each other like every weekend, I’m a horrible friend.


“Claudia?” Liam said


“You’re a horrible friend for not knowing that.” Zayn said. “Just saying.”


“I know I know, anyways, she’s told me last week that she has a crush on him” I said


“Yes! I knew she liked him.” Zayn said.


“The other day Harry told me he was developing a crush on her too.” Liam said


“It’s settled then, Zayn call her and tell her to dress casual and we’ll pick her up, me and Louis will get Harry ready.” Liam said


Zayn got up and left Harry’s room. Me and Liam got up and started digging through Harry’s drawers for some decent outfit


“I said you could explore my room not dig through my drawers.” Harry said lifting his head off the floor.


“We know but we need to get you ready for a date.” I said getting a shirt out his drawer


“What date?” he said getting up


“Do these pants go with that shirt?” Liam said showing me a pair of jeans


“Yeah, they’ll really bring out his eyes.” I said trying to change the subject


“Ok so I called her and she said she’ll be ready in an hour. She was really excited, she started screaming and my ear hurts now.” Zayn said walking in


“Who am I going on a date with? Why did you plan a date without telling me?”


“The boots he has on will match with that outfit.” Zayn said


“it does, what about his hair.” I asked


“I think how its fine how it is.” Liam said


“OK put these on and we’ll be back in an hour.” I said giving the clothes to harry


“Can I at least get an answer to my question?” he said before we left


“Nope.” I said as we walked out and closed the door.


“What if he doesn’t want to have a date with her?” Zayn asked as we entered his room


“He’s going to whether he likes it or not” Liam said sitting the bed


“So where exactly are they gonna go?” Zayn asked


“We’ll make them watch a movie and leave them at the mall for 3 hours then get them. Something’s bound to happen in that time.” I said


“That’s it? Maybe we shouldn’t plan dates if that what were gonna make them do.” Liam said


“Why did you guys leave us without saying anything” Niall asked walking into Zayn’s room with his hair really messy. When I say really I mean really


“We had business to attend for Harry.” I said crossing my legs.




“It’s a blind date we set up for him” Liam said. “We were getting him ready.”


“Wow, I hope you didn’t get some weird lady. I’m gonna go get some lunch with Katy then were going to her house. I’ll see you guys later.” He said before walking out again




We waited in Zayn’s room for 45 minutes then Harry came in ready for his date.


“Now can you tell me who it’s with?” he asked fixing his hair one last time


“Should we tell him who to see what he does?” Zayn asked me


“I guess.” I said “It’s with Claudia.” I said before covering my face in case he starts yelling at me.


“If it’s with her then why did you give me these ugly rags?! This shirt isn’t good for a date with her neither is my hair. How much time do I have left? He said taking his shirt off


“Um, 10-15 minutes” Liam said checking the clock


“Why didn’t you say so?” he said running to his room


That turned out better than expected now let’s just hope his date turns out fine

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