Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


8. Chapter 8 - Confusion

By the time Louis and I finished I noticed I was really hungry. We hadn't eaten dinner yet and we barley had lunch. We were too tired to make any dinner so we looked through the fridge for any left overs. The only things we found that would suit dinner were the pizza Niall was eating earlier, corndogs, hotdogs, and some burritos.


“What are you in the mood for?” Louis asked me as he got out a corndog


“Probably a burrito.” I said getting one out the fridge. “Do you want me to go ask the other what they want to eat?”


“Sure, ill heat this up for you.” he said taking my burrito


I left the kitchen and stopped at the stairs. I didn’t know where the others were and I didn’t know where to go. I decided to go upstairs and see where ti would take me. As I reached the top Niall came out of a room running his fingers through his hair.


“Oh hey Katy.” He said stopping in front of me. “The bathrooms right there if you still need to use it.” He said pointing to the room he just came out of


“Oh yeah I forgot. Do you know where Harry, Liam, and Zayn are?” I asked


“I think Harry’s in his room and Liam and Zayn are probably still outside, why?”


“Louis wanted me to me what you guys wanted for dinner.”




“Burrito, pizza, corn dogs, and hot dogs.”


“I want another slice of pizza. I’ll get Liam and Zayn, Harry’s room is the last door to the left.” He said before walking down the stairs.


I first went to the bathroom and got all the flour off my hair. When I finished I left the bathroom and went to Harry's room. I knocked in the door a waited a few minutes, no response.


"Harry?" I said knocking again


"Just a second!" I heard him call 


I here's a lot of shuffling then he opened the door.


"Sorry about that." He said coming out his room


"It’s no problem." I said moving aside. "Louis wanted me to see if you wanted a burrito, pizza, hot dog, or a corn dog for dinner."


"I'll pass, I'm not very hungry."


"You sure? We barley had lunch." I said raising an eyebrow


"I'm sure. I'm gonna take a shower right now. I’ll eat later." He said going back in his room.


*Harry's point of view*


I went in the shower and tried to process what happened. I have no doubt that I kissed Katy. She was closets to me, everyone else was across the room I'm sure of it. I liked it but it almost felt wrong. I know Niall likes her and I don't want to interfere with however he's going to try to get at her but I feel that I like her too. Maybe I just like her as a sister or a close friend, I don't know.


I was washing the last of the soap out my hair when I heard shouting and knocking on the bathroom door.


"Harry what's taking you so long? You've been in there for 2 hours, you never take that long in the shower." I heard Zayn shout.


I wet my hair again to make sure there want any soap left then I tuned off the water. I got out the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door.


"It's about time." He said


"Was I really in there for that long?"


"Yes, now hurry up and get your clothes on, you have to play a game with us." He said before leaving


I closed the door and got my clothes on. I dried my hair as well as I could with a towel and went downstairs. When I entered the living room Liam and Katy were doing press-ups.


"C'mon Katy, show them your girl power, 7 more." Zayn was saying kneeling beside her.


"10 more Liam, your almost there." Louis was saying beside him


"45 seconds" Niall said looking at his phone




"I'm going to be sore in the morning." Katy said getting up.


"What happened? How could you lose, you do press ups every morning, 30 in 2 minutes it nothing to you." Louis said shaking his head


"I don't know, I just couldn't do them fast enough right now." Liam said rubbing his eyes


"Is this what you've been doing while I've been in the shower?" I asked taking a seat on the couch


"We played UNO after dinner but that got boring and we somehow ended up doing this." Niall said putting his phone away


"Now can we play monopoly?" Katy asked


"Would you like to join us?" Niall asked me


"Sure I got nothing else to do."


"You still haven't eaten." Katy said crossing her legs


"She has a point. How are you not hungry, it's been a while?" Louis said


"I guess I could have a little something but I'm not too hungry." I said getting up to the kitchen


I know someone follow me into the kitchen but I didn't bother to turn around. I stuck my hand in the fridge and took out the first thing I grabbed which was pizza. I turned around to go to the microwave and Zayn was there leaning against the counter


"What's wrong?" He asked me


"Nothing." I mumbled opening the microwave


"Don't lie to me, I know something's up." He said walking over to me


"Can you keep a secret?" I asked looking at him


"Of course, you can trust me with anything."


"I accidentally kissed Katy when it was dark." I said quietly putting 1 minute on the microwave


"That's why you’re acting weird? If it’s just an accident then just talk it over with her and explain what happened."


"I'm having too many mixed emotions now. I don't know if I like her and I don't want to make Niall upset because I know he's going to end up trying to date her." I said


"Just give it some time. Sleep on it and in the morning we'll see how your feeling." he said putting his hand on my shoulder


"I'm just really confused, I liked her kiss, it felt right but wrong."


"Hurry up you two, we wanna start playing!" Niall called from the living room


"C'mon, eat your pizza in the living room." He said before leaving


I got my pizza out the microwave and went back to the living room. Everyone else was sitting in a circle around the board, I squeezed in between Niall and Zayn


"You wanna share some pizza with me?" Niall asked me scooting closer


"You ate 6 slices already, let him eat." Liam said pulling him back.


Playing monopoly took 2 hours before we gave up. Me, Niall, Liam, and Zayn lost but Louis and Katy just couldn't, there was a point where Katy had 7 dollars left and we were waiting for her to finally lose but Louis had to pay her 300 dollars for something and the game continued. There was nothing to watch on TV but we ended up watching some ad about a vacuum while we waited.


"Now that that's done what else can we do?" Louis asked


"I think we should go to sleep, we have nothing better to do." Liam said yawning


"We still have this sleeping situation." Zayn pointed out


"Oh yeah, what did we have planned before?" I asked


"Your bed only fits one person right Louis?" Liam asked him


"Yeah." He said picking up the game


"And since the room your in doesn't have carpet that’s out the picture." Zayn said


"I can sleep in here, she can have the bed in the guest room if she doesn't mind sharing a room with Niall." I said


"Are you sure? I can sleep in the living room instead if you want." She said helping Louis clean up


"I'm sure. I'm probably going to get hungry so it'll be easier for me to get something to eat."


"Ok now that's settled, Niall go show her in the room and we can get to sleep." Liam said getting off the couch


*Katy's point of view*


After I got the last cards off the floor I gave them to Louis, grabbed my bag that had my extra clothes, and I followed Niall back upstairs. When I came earlier to get harry I didn’t get to actually see inside the room.


"In advanced I’m apologizing or the mess in here.” He said opening the door.


“It’s not very messy in here, I mean it is a little but it’s not too bad” I said stepping over a pile of shirts.


"Do you want me to change the sheets or is this ok?" He asked me


"This is fine." I said sitting on the bed


"Do you want to change in the bathroom or in here?" He asked moving stuff aside


"I'll go to the bathroom." I said getting back up "I'll be back." I said before exiting


I went to the bathroom and changed into some sweats and a t shirt that was a little baggy. I went back to the room and Niall wasn't in there. I put my bag aside and got into bed. I laid in the bed staring at the wall for a few minutes when he came back in


"I went to get a few cookies. Do you want one?" He asked closing the door.


"Sure, I’ll take one." I said sitting up.


He handed me one and he started getting some blankets from the corner.


"Do you wanna sleep in the bed with me? There's enough room for you." I said scooting aside.


"You sure?" He asked looking over at me


"Yeah, as long as you don't hog the blankets I'll be fine. Is the ground not cold for you?" I asked laying back down


"After a few minutes you get used to the temperature and it’s no problem." He said getting into the bed.


He turned off the lamp and I turned to face the wall. I closed my eyes for a few minutes when Niall started talking again


"Katy?" He asked as I felt him move


"Hmm?" I said opening my eyes.


"If the rain clears up in the morning do you wanna go out and get some breakfast or something?" He asked shyly


"Like a date?" I asked moving to face him.


"I was going to call it a morning out to catch up on things but if you want to call it a date then go ahead." He said. I could tell he was smiling in the dark. "And since its breakfast you don't need another outfit that is if you don't want to go in what you’re wearing, we can stop by your house on the way if you want so you could change. It's all up to you."


"Its fine I can go like this."


"Great. I'll wake you up in the morning. Good night." He said moving to face the other way again

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