Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


6. Chapter 6 - Cookies

"Do you wanna make cookies with us?" Louis asked Niall as we cleared the counter

"I can supervise and taste test." He said heating up pizza

"Then you tell us what to do." Louis said giving him his phone.

"Where's the flour?" I said opening a cabinet.

"I really don't know, we've been here a week and I never really explored the kitchen" he said opening a different cabinet

"The cabinet to your left." Niall said getting his pizza out the microwave

"You would know." Louis said opening that cabinet

"The first thing I did when we got here was explore the kitchen." Niall said sitting as he sat at the table

"What about sugar?" Louis asked

"I got it." I said getting it out a cabinet

"The eggs, vanilla, baking soda and butter are in the fridge, Cookie pans are under the oven, the baking sheets are in that drawer with the mest up knob and the baking powder is in the cabinet above the microwave. Also your mum just sent a message asking if you put your clothes in the dryer yet." Niall said

"Oh yeah." Louis said as he ran out the kitchen

"You sure you don't wanna help?" I asked Niall

"Maybe, let me just finish my pizza" he said taking a mouthful

"Where are the measuring cups?" I said opening drawers

"I don't remember encountering any when I was exploring." He said scratching his head. "Liam! Ask your friend where the measuring cups are!!!" Niall yelled "So, how was your night with Harry?" He asked me

"It was fun. We played with the Kinect and watched a movie."

"That's it? What time did you go to sleep then if that's all you did?"

"We were bored ok. I fell asleep during the movie and I don't know when Harry fell asleep."

"Well tonight were gonna show you how a sleep over is done with us. You should've slept outside, now that would've been fun."

"If it wasn't raining we probably would've. It would've been nice to sleep under the stars"

"Ok that's done now we can start making cookies." Louis said as he came back into the kitchen.

"Don't we need measuring cups?" I asked Louis.

"Those are for the weak, we can eye ball this. You've made sugar cookies before right Katy?" Louis asked me

"Nope." I said "we'll have to improvise with what we have which is our hands. How much do we need of everything Niall?"

"2 3/4 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 cup of softened butter, 1 1/2 cups of white sugar, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract."

"For cups we can use our hands. Whose hands are bigger?" I asked

"Harry! We need your help!!" Louis yelled

Harry came in a few seconds later with some aprons and measuring cups.

"Liam texted his friend and he said his girlfriend got some baking stuff for her birthday 3 weeks ago but she never brought them down to the kitchen. She also left some aprons so you can use these." Harry said handing them to us

"We'll take the aprons but not the measuring cups, were too good for those." Louis said putting on a pink apron with ladybugs. "But stay here Harry, were gonna need you."

"What do we do first Niall?" I asked him putting an apron on

"Pre heat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit."

"Harry be a dear and do that please." I said

"I don't know how this oven works so just hope I don't blow up the house in the process" he said walking over to the oven

"In a small bowl stir together flour, baking soda, and baking powder then set aside." Niall said sitting on the counter.

"Ok now we need you Harry. Did you get the oven ready?" Louis asked Harry

"No." He said walking back to me and Louis.

"I'll do that and you do this." Louis said walking to the oven

"Ok so take out 2 handfuls of flour and I’ll take out 1 handful since my hand is smaller. That should add up to 2 3/4." I said opening the flour ba

"Are you sure you don't want those measuring cups? This won't be as messy and it’ll be more accurate." Harry said pulling up his sleeves.

"That would make this boring and were trying to have fun so get the flour. Now where are the bowls?" I said opening more cabinets

"The cabinet you’re standing in front of." Niall said pointing to it

I got out a fair size bowl and Harry started to put in flour. I put in my part and i got the baking soda and powder.

"So teaspoon should be a little more than a pinch." I said getting some baking soda. "And half a teaspoon a smaller pinch." I said getting some baking powder. I mixed those with the flour and set the bowl aside

"Am I done now?" Harry said trying to clean his hand from the flour

"Not quite. What's next Ni?"

"Cream together sugar and butter in separate bowl. What does it mean by cream?"

"You need a hand or stand mixer for that, a whisk works but it takes more work." Harry said getting the sugar, knowing he was going to put in the sugar.

"Louis can you get the butter?" I asked him as I got out a whisk

"I cup is 2 sticks." Harry said scooping out a handful of sugar.

I put the whisk in the bowl and scooped out a little less sugar than I did with the flour into the bowl. Louis gave me the butter and he went back to the oven

"Are they soft?" Niall asked

"Not really, are they supposed to?" I asked looking over at him

"Yeah." He said looking down at Louis phone

"Just rub your hands over them, I did that once and I got it soft." Harry said washing his hands "now am I done?"

"I believe so." I said trying to soften the butter.

"I think I got the oven ready, I got it to pre heat but I couldn't figure out how to change the temperature so were going to have to deal with 350 degrees." Louis said walking back to me.

"I give up with this butter." I said unwrapping them. "Let's just try to work with partially hard butter. Here's the whisk" I said handing it to Louis.

"When it says creamy how are you gonna get it creamy with that, won't it just get stuck on the whisk?" Niall said

"Forget utensils, we improvised the measurements with our hands and we can improvise mixing by doing it with our hands." He said taking the whisk out the bowl. He started squeezing the butter and sugar together until he got tired of doing that. When he stopped it looked pretty creamy so we moved on.

"Now beat in the egg and vanilla."

Put in the egg while I mix then add the vanilla." Louis told me as he started to mix again

I cracked an egg inside being careful not to get an egg shell. I got the vanilla and tilted it slowly to eyeball a teaspoon but I got in too much.

"I hope you like your cookies really tasting like vanilla." I said closing the bottle

"If these even turn out to be cookies." Louis said finishing the mixing "just saying."

"Next gradually add dry ingredients."

Louis and I switched spots so I was mixing and he was pouring in the dry ingredients.

"After that get teaspoon sized balls and put them in an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes and that's it” Niall said getting off the counter

"Could you get the cookie sheets ready?" I asked Niall. "We would do it but this dough just got real sticky."

"Oh no, my nose is itchy." Louis said starting to make weird faces.

"My pinky is clean." I said taking my hand out the dough

"Ok, on my nose bridge, left, more left, up, little to the right, higher, too high, lower, there."

As I scratched Louis nose Niall bumped into me and my hand got in Louis face, I got cookie dough all over his face and hair.

"Oh shoot, I'm so sorry." I said wiping my hand on my apron.

"Niall, may I have that bag of flour you’re holding please." Louis said using his arm to wipe away dough

Niall slowly walked towards Louis and put it on the counter. He tried walking away but Louis got a handful of flour and threw it at Niall.

"What was that for? I wasn't the one who got cookie dough on your face." Niall yelled getting flour of his hair.

"Technically you did for bumping into her." He said getting more flour

He attempted to throw it at Niall again who was walking behind me but he threw it at me on accident

"Oops." He said looking down

"Can you hand me the flour bag please?" I said taking my other hand out the cookie dough

Next thing I knew the three of us were throwing flour everywhere.

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