Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


5. Chapter 5 - Quick Talk

*Harry's point of view*

Niall led me into his room where Louis and Zayn were having a pillow fight.

"Go downstairs and greet out visitor." Niall said pointing to the door.

"Oh yeah, I forgot Katy was coming." Louis said hitting Zayn one last time

He ran out the door and Zayn followed him swinging a pillow. Niall closed the door and sat on the bed, I remained standing.

"So you’ve seen what’s trending on twitter right?" He asked me folding his hand on his lap

"Yeah, I wasn't done looking at the boxing pandas." I said putting my hands in my pockets.

"Not that but I should see that too now that you mention it."

"You really should. It's so adorable and funny."

"Anyways I didn't bring you to discuss boxing pandas. I brought you here to ask why you called yourself sexy on Katy's twitter."

"How did you know I did that?"

"So you did do it. See, you use reverse sociology for this stuff."

"Sure." I said shaking my head. "And I did that because I was bored, the end."

"Why didn’t you say me instead of you?" He said grabbing his heart. "Now why didn't you invite me to eat tacos with you?"

"I did but you said you were too busy playing FIFA with Louis."

"When did you ask me?!"

"I said do you wanna come get tacos with me and you said and quote, "No, I’m in the middle of an intense game right now, go away.""

"I thought you said come make some not come get."

"How do you get that confused?"

"I was in an intense game" he said getting up

"Can we go back now? Now your chance to have your time with her."

"Out the way Styles." He said moving me away from the door

*Katy's point of view*

I heard running down the stairs then a loud thud. I heard more running and Harry laughing.

"Stop laughing!" I heard Niall yell

"Is this what you guys deal with every day?" I asked the others

"Some days are worse than others." Liam said trying to avoid getting hit by Louis' pillow.

Niall came in the living room with Harry still laughing behind him.

"Sorry about earlier, we didn't think you and Harry would come at this time." Niall said embracing me in a hug

"It's fine, now I know what you guys do on a daily basis."

When Louis and Zayn finished their pillow fight we were all just having fun talking the entire afternoon until the sound of thunder made us quiet.

"Did not expect that." I said

"You brought extra clothes right?" Zayn asked me looking out the window

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh dear." Louis said looking out the window as well. "It's pretty flooded and were not getting out the drive way with the amount of water, that is if we can even make it to the car."

I got up and saw the rain was harder than it was yesterday and that a ton of water was everywhere.

"See, we were smart for making you bring clothes." Harry said to me

"Where is she gonna sleep?" Niall asked

"Good question." Louis said sitting down.

"Me and Liam share the master bed room, Harry and Niall share the guest room, and Louis has the other room to himself so she can share with him." Zayn said "there's room right?"

"Yeah but the floor in there is actual floor not carpet." Louis said

"Let's just figure this out when the time comes, now what do we do?" Liam asked

We were all bored and didn't know what to do, rainy days ruin fun. We ended up being on our phones and watching TV all day.

"Did you know that penguins engage prostitution?" Harry said looking up from his phone.

"Does he look animal facts all the time?" I asked the others

"It became his "thing" when March started and now he got Zayn hooked up on it too." Niall said getting up to the kitchen

"Well excuse the fact that discovering the fact an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain is very interesting and leads you to discover more about animals." Zayn said

"Harry, can you make cookies?" Louis asked putting his phone down.

"I'm not done doing my daily animal research" He said curling into a ball.

"Ooh I wanna make some! I wanted to make some last week but I didn't have enough flour so I never made any." I yelled getting up

"Yay! To the kitchen!" Louis yelled running to the kitchen

I ran after him and we looked for a good cookie recipe. After searching through several recipes we decided on sugar cookies. It was gonna end up being a sticky job when the dough starts to form but it'll bring some fun into the day.

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