Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


4. Chapter 4- Boxing Pandas

*Katy's point of view*

When I woke up I felt and arm around my waist. I looked down and recognized Harry's large hands. I moved my head and saw that he was still sound asleep. I stayed put trying to remember if he ever moved me. All I remembered was falling asleep but I think I felt moving sometime in the night. I felt him shift and his arm moved. I got off the couch and put a pillow in my place then went to start breakfast. I made some pancakes and I set up the table. I was pouring glasses of milk when Harry came in the dining room rubbing his eyes.

"Good Morning." I said putting the gallon of milk away

"Morning" he said in a sexy morning voice

"I made pancakes, I hope they taste okay." I said sliding a plate with pancakes towards him as he sat at the table.

"Let me get my phone and I can start eating." He said getting up again

I turned off the stove and sat down. I started eating my pancakes and scrolling through twitter on my phone when Harry came back. I was half way done eating when he started telling me animal’s facts

"Did you know male koalas have 2 penises and female kolas have 2 vaginas?" He said looking up at me.

"What the type of animal facts are you looking up?!"

"Did you know when a pig orgasms it last 30 minutes?"

"Ok give me your phone."

"No! Not my baby." He said hiding it

"Then enough with your animal facts, I trying to eat." I said looking over at him.

"Be that way" he said locking his phone and putting it away

I was looking at what was trending when I saw #HarryIsSexy was trending worldwide. I clicked on the Hashtag and I saw that people were involving me in the Hashtag too. After scrolling some more I saw that apparently I started the Hashtag

"Have you seen what’s trending?" I asked him finishing up my milk

"Err" he said getting his phone out. "Boxing pandas?" he said looking at me. "I need to check that out"

"Not that, I should check that out too now that you mention it. Anyways “Harry is sexy” is trending and apparently I "started it". I for one never remember tweeting that. I’ve thought it but not said it." I said clicking on the boxing pandas Hashtag

"Oh um about that" he said running his hand through his curls. "I might've got your phone and tweeted that because I was bored last night." He said quickly

"What exactly did you tweet, all I saw was that I started it."

"Having a sleepover with the styles #HarryIsSexy." He said almost mumbling 

I sighed and scrolled through the tweets about boxing pandas.

"Only you." I said getting up "this boxing pandas Hashtag is the best thing ever."

I put my phone away and got my plates and took them to the sink. I started washing them and Harry came and helped me wash the plates.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked moving closer to me.

"No. I find it funny that you managed to get it to trend worldwide." I said smiling and putting a plate away

"So what time do you wanna go see the others?" He asked rinsing a plate and handing it to me.

"When we finish this I’ll get your clothes then we can change and go." I said drying a plate

We finished in a few minutes then and I headed over to the dryer to get his clothes. I got his stuff, gave it to him and headed to my room. I threw on a purple v neck, a sweatshirt with a mustache, some black skinny jeans and my purple high tops. I added a little of makeup and a just brushed my hair, i didn't need to fuss about it, i know they won't care about it. I went to the living room and Harry was already in there getting his boots on.

"They're still a little went inside but they'll dry." He said getting up "Ready?"

I nodded my head, got my keys and we headed out. The rain from last night was clearing up a bit but there was a light sprinkling.

"Should I get some clothes incase rain starts coming hard and I can't come back?" I asked as we started walking.

"I don't think it'll rain that much today, besides, if it does rain hard Liam or Louis could drive you back unless you wanna sleep over." He said almost slipping.

He quickly grabbed onto my arm and tried to maintain balance

"You should be careful where you walk." I said trying not to laugh.

"I was perfectly fine until Niall made me sleep on the bed and he took the floor." He said straightening himself "i probably keep falling because the floor misses me." He said looking down "So, do you wanna get your clothes just in case?"

I thought for a second and decided to get a change of clothes.

Harry waited at the corner of the street and I ran back inside to get my duffle bag. I randomly threw clothes in my bag and ran back outside. As I went back to where I left Harry he was on the ground

"What happened in a matter of 4 minutes?" I said helping him get up

"I heard a dog bark and I turned around then I tripped over my feet." He said whipping the small pebbles off of him

"I'm starting to think your clumsy instead the floor missing you." I said as we started to walk again

When we arrived to where he was staying I already heard yelling so I knew this was gonna be a crazy night. Harry opened the door and Niall and Liam were fighting over a phone

"Gimme back my phone!!" Yelled Niall jumping up to grab it

"No! You’re not gonna send Harry anymore death thre- oh hey Harry!" Liam said as he saw Harry standing at the door.

"Best way to greet a guest is by fighting in the living room huh?" He said moving aside so I could come in

Liam put Niall's phone in his pocket and walked over to me for a hug. Niall stayed put slowly turning red.

"Nice to see you Katy. Sorry about leaving Harry with you." He said hugging my tightly.

"Good to see you too Liam and Harry wasn't a bother at all so it's ok." I said hugging back

"Where's Zayn and Louis?" Harry asked Niall

"I think they're upstairs, now can I speak to you for minute in private Mr." Niall said looking at him.

Harry followed Niall up the stairs while I took a seat on the couch and started a conversation with Liam.

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