Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


26. Chapter 26 - Love Doctors

"Harry wake up!!" Katy yelled jumping on the bed.


"What do you want?" I mumbled covering my face with my blanket


"It's 8, we need to get ready for our classes. We'll drop Zayn off on the way." she said climbing on top of me.


I started to hide deeper in my blankets. She grabbed my hair and started moving my head side to side.


"Don't be such a lazy bum. “She said pulling harder.


"Can you get off of me please?" I asked as politely as I could.


She let go of my hair and got off of me.


"Now get up." She said rolling me out of bed.


I fell off and stayed on the floor. I wasn't in the mood for getting up just yet.


"Bring me some toast and put it here." I said pointing on a spot next to me. "I'll be down later."


"Come eat breakfast with Zayn and I." She whined.


"Unless you take me downstairs I'm not moving." I said closing my eyes. I expected her to leave but I felt her grab my leg. She hauled me across the room and out the door.


"Ow! I'm getting carpet burn." I yelled grabbing my arm.


"Do I have to push you down the stairs too?" She asked stopping at the top and getting ready to kick me down.


"No. No! I can take it from here." I said crawling down the stairs.


I reached the bottom of the stairs and crawled to the couch. I waited for Katy to go into the kitchen and I got up. I went into the kitchen and sat down next to zayn.


"Here's a piece of toast and a hardboiled egg." She said giving me a plate.


I poked my egg and looked at Zayn's plate. He had toast, a hardboiled egg, AND bacon. That wasn't fair but I didn't complain.


"Can you guys take me out of there another time soon?" Zayn said picking up his plate


"Yeah, we had fun, right Harry?" Katy asked me.


"Other than the part of kicking me and almost making me handicap, it was fun." I said eating my toast


"What are you two doing today?"


"Love doctor classes." Katy said sitting down at the table. "Next time you see us were getting you a girlfriend. You can't refuse because we're going to be love doctors which means were Pros."


"I think I'm good for now." He said shifting. "So uh could you two go get ready? I want to get back to the hospital."


I took my food with me up to the guest room and changed into some casual clothes. I made a mess of crumbs, I just hope Katy doesn't see this till after I leave next week. I went back down to the kitchen and washed my plate. I went into the living room and waited for Katy with Zayn. She came back down a few minutes later and rushed us into the car. She sped off to the hospital and dropped Zayn off. She drove another 5 minutes and showed up to some business looking building.


"Are you sure this is it? It doesn't look very, uh, very love doctory." I said getting out the car.


"Well, if you were in charge of this would you make this into a small building that's pink with sparkly letters that say love doctors and hearts everywhere? I find that this was probably option number 1 and went with it because it was a more mature look. But if there's people like you who complain I guess they'll go with option number 2 someday. Now let’s go."  She said pulling me inside.


We went inside and she asked the secretary where the classes were. She made us go to the second floor and into room B-4. We went in and there were only 4 other people inside.


"Oh welcome! You must be Katy and Harry." A blonde lady said handing us a paper


"How does she know our names?" I whispered to Katy.


"I had to call to sign up for this." She said grabbing the paper.


"When? You didn't tell me until yesterday."


"I called 3 days ago. I was going to bring you whether you wanted to come or not." She said handing me the paper.


There were three people on the list. I guess nobody want to be a love doctor nowadays 


"So are we the only ones right now?" Katy asked. 


"Yes. We've had a slow week." The lady said. "So let me introduce you to our crew. I'm Amy, she's Jude." She said pointing to an old looking lady. "This is Annabelle." She said pointing to brunette In the back of the room. "And this is Roger." She said gesturing to the only other guy. "So to start off this class, we'd like to know how much exactly you know about love or relationships. Have both you been in a relationship?"


"Yes." We both said


"Good, good. Now, before we get more into this, could you fill out this questionnaire? Only 5 questions." She said handing us both a clip board


Katy took this as a test and hid her clipboard from me.


Question 1: why have you come to the love doctor classes? Please answer truthfully, your answer will not affect you getting the proper education for a love doctor.


Answer 1: I was technically dragged/forced here


Question 2: Do you speak another languages?


Answer 2: French


Question 3: Are you male or female?


Answer 3: Male


Question 4: how old are you?


Answer 4: 20


Question 5: are you excited for your classes?


Answer 5: Eh


I gave then back the clip board and sat down at a table with crackers. I waited for Katy to finish her questionnaire. She came back and the lady came with 2 folders and a box of paper clips.


"So the first thing you have to do is sort the people together. Now if you could move to the table over there mam, this is a type of test." She said giving Katy a folder.


Katy got up and went to the table across the room. The lady gave me the other folder and explained what I had to do.


"Here we have pictures of people and their descriptions, these aren't real, they're just made up. Pair together the people who you think would make a good couple." She said before leaving me


I looked through all of them and I couldn't really find pair that actually had stuff in common so I did opposites instead. I finished in half an hour but Katy spent an hour doing this. I would see her match then take apart then match again. When she finished I sighed in relief, we probably could've been half way finished with these classes but now we have an extra hour.




The rest of the class went by really fast, the matching was the hardest part overall. While they were getting our licenses and diplomas ready, they gave us our coats and handed us a needle and purple string.


"The last you'll do today is stitch your names on your coats."


The lady left and we stared at the string and needle.


"Do you know how to do this?" Katy asked picking it up.


"Emily showed me once but she wasn't very good at it, she never really paid attention when her mom tried showing her." I said grabbing the needle. "I remember she got a string about arm’s length, put it through the string, and tried making it even. Then she tied a little knot at the end."


Doing this free style without a reference was difficult. I finished the Dr. part and it came out really bad. It looked like a 3 year old wrote it. I was going to start on my S when Katy grabbed a sharpie and wrote down Perry on her coat. I thought she was going to leave it like that and say she was done but she sewed over that. Why didn't I think of that? I did that as well and sewing time was cut in half. I completed mine and thought it looked fabulous until I saw Katy's. She finished before me and got all decorative. She made little hearts around her name and in various other spots. Mine was plain.


"I think I win 'the most decorative coat' award." Katy teased


"Well, I win the...uh....the most-"


"You can win an award in something else."


"Here's all your stuff." The lady said handing us a folder. "Congratulations on becoming a love doctor." She said giving us out license

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