Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


25. Chapter 25

"What do we do now?" I asked when we reached the car


"I wanna go to sleep." Zayn said shoving his bunny inside the car.


"I'm hungry." Katy said grabbing her stomach.


"Does that I mean I can drive?" I asked


"Not really but if you want to I guess you can." She said handing me the key


"Do you want us to drop you off at Katy's house? You can sleep there, Liam had the keys to the house and I don't know where he is at this point." I asked Zayn


"I suppose, would you happen to have some hot chocolate there?" He asked Katy


"I think I have some in a cabinet by the microwave."


"You can leave me there then."


I turned on the car and backed out from the parking space. On attempt of that I almost hit a car. Katy was on her phone doing something and I hoped she didn't notice I almost bumped a car. I continued to drive like nothing happen and went back to her house. Zayn fell asleep somewhere in the car ride so we had to carry him inside. I didn't feel like picking him up so I literally dragged him. I hope none of her neighbors thought we kidnapped and knocked him out. Katy brought in his bunny and wagon and went to make him a cup of hot chocolate. I threw some of my clothes on top of him so if he ever decides to wake up, he could go change instead of making a mess through the drawers looking for clothes. Katy came to leave his hot chocolate and we went back to the car.


"Where do you wanna go eat?" I asked turning on the car again.


"I'm in the mood for In N' Out."


"I haven’t seen any around the area" I said. "Where is it?" I whispered.


"Just start driving, ill point where."


She made me take several rights and lefts. She kept on making fun of my driving because I almost hit a car again. It turns out In N’ Out was actually close to our house, right by the grocery store we always go to.


"I never know this was here, is it new?" I asked looking around


"This has been here before the grocery store, they just made it so long and big that you can't even see it." She said taking off her seat belt. "So where did you learn to drive? I think I want to go there."


"My driving is not that bad."


"That's what you think"


She got out the car and almost ran to the entrance. I followed after her and joined her in the long line.


"You know what I've always wanted to be, a love doctor." She said half way through line


"A love doctor?"


"Yeah. I mean, wouldn't it be fun to go around matching people. Kind of like match makers but more advanced.”


"Where did you even find this out?" I asked completely lost


"I was looking through the paper the other day and I found love doctor classes, you get a license and a bunch of other stuff. I was planning on going tomorrow. You should come with me."




"We could go around matching people. Zayn, Claudia, Niall, Emily, and Liam all need someone."


"They can do that one their own."


"No! They'll listen to us because we'll be certified love doctors. We could just take out our id, shove it in their face and make them go on a date with someone."


"I suppose I'll go. I have nothing better to do."


"Great! It starts at 9 and it's like an all-day thing so they'll serve lunch and dinner. When we walk out of there looking all professional with our stuff you’re going to be all like 'I'm so glad I came along with you, let's go set up people on dates.' Just watch."


"If you say so." I said looking around. "I'm going to go get us a seat, order me anything." I said stepping out of line.


I went over to a table and checked my phone. I was on twitter when Niall called. I answered.


"Harry, this is important, please tell me you’re not going to sleep or that I woke you up."


I never looked at what time it was and saw it was 8 pm.


"I'm awake, what do you need" I replied


"Have you been around Emily when she's drunk?"


"Uh, no. You’re going to have to ask Louis about that."


"I have, he ignored me, I've texted Liam to ask her friend and he said they something about not allowed to use phone. I’m pretty sure Zayn's asleep and since I thought you'd be with Katy either one of you might know what to do."


"Well, Katy's kind of ordering us food right now so-"


"Then you help me!! I don't know what to do! I’ve dealt with drunk guys but not girls."


I didn't know what to do either. I considered googling "what to do with your drunk girl best friend" but I know some stupid response like do 'it' with her would come up so I threw that out the picture.


"Where exactly are you guys?"


"For her brother’s wedding we had to stay in a hotel room right by the venue, tomorrow we go back to her sister’s house. I left her on the bed, she's singing Lady Gaga. I'm currently in the bathroom."


"Could you wait a few more minutes until Katy comes, I really don't know what to do."


"So I'm just going to leave her there?"


"Pretty much."


I put him on hold and waited for Katy to come back. About 5 minutes later she finally came back.


"Long line, big order." She said sitting across from me.


"Niall wanted to speak to you." I said handing her my phone.


She hesitated for a minute then took it from me. I tried hard not to listen but that was hard since I had nothing else to do. First, she made him apologize then they got down to business. She made him get a glass of water, make force her to eat then force her to bed. I thought it was a bad method but I guess he did it. She gave me my phone back and went to get our food. She came back and shoved my food towards me.


"Um, what's this?" I said poking my burger.


"I got you a double double with animal style fries. I got the same except I got regular fries instead. I got a chocolate milkshake but if you want some go ahead and drink some." She said pushing it towards me.


"I don't think I'll be able to finish this." I said unwrapping it.


"Don't worry, I got plenty of room." She said rubbing her stomach.


I almost chocked on my burger, she was being a goofball and made me laugh too much. I gave up on eating and gave my burger to her. When she finished we were both being idiots the rest of the time. People kept on giving us dirty looks for being so loud but we ignored them. We ended up being kicked out.


"Now what do we do?" I asked getting back in the car.


"It's not that late, we could go to the park and walk around. I want to see nature."


She pointed me to the park. We got there in a few minutes. She ran out the car and ran to the swings. I took my time taking off my seatbelt, locking the car. I saw that a guy was talking to her so I walked even slower. He had a really cheeky grin on his face while Katy sat there looking at the ground. I was a couple feet away from them and I heard what he was saying, awful pickup lines.


"You’re going to have to leave the swings here miss."




"But you’re not supposed to be smoking here and girl, your smokin."


"That is the worst pick up line I've ever heard anyone say in the history of pickup lines." I said getting in the swing next to her.


"Ay, there's plenty of girls in this park at this time so go find your own." He said trying to shoo me away


"Could you do me a favor and get a bottle of water?" Katy asked the dude.


"But I don't want to leave you with him."


"I'll deal with him." She said getting off the swing and pushing him away.


I sat there and started swinging slightly.


"C'mon." She said grabbing my hand. "I needed to get rid of him somehow now let’s go before he comes back." She said pulling me off the swing. She started running and pulled me with her.


"Where are we going?" I asked panting.


She ignored me and dragged me into a building. I looked around and we were at an ice cream shop.


"Snack time." She said getting in line.


I was tired from running and went to go sit down. If I leave her in charge of getting my food then I’ll know she's going to get me something good. I looked out the window and saw the guy return to the swings. He looked around and once he noticed Katy was gone, he threw the water bottle on the ground and walked away. I laughed silently to myself. Katy came back with our ice cream, she got me 2 scoops of vanilla and she got herself 4 scoops of bubblegum.


"Why on earth did he use that stupid pick up line?" Katy said sitting down across from me.


"Because he doesn't know how to use them. I got better ones watch." I said cracking my knuckles "Could I have the time please? I'd check my watch but, I can't take my eyes off of you." I said flashing her a smile.


She grinned then burst out laughing almost dropping her ice cream.


"There's more where that came from."


"No please! I think 2 awful pickup lines is enough for today." She said wiping her eyes.


"But we were just getting started." I pouted


"After we finish our ice cream I think we should go now. We have to get up early to attend the classes."


I think I’ll start to do weekly updates now. 

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