Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


24. Chapter 24 - Carnival

"Why, out of everyone why her?" I asked rather surprised


"She's told me before about her thoughts. It was me, her, and Emily in bed watching a movie. It was over and all of us were too lazy to change it so we just stayed there and talked." He said throwing away the receipt. "We got deep. They told me that they both wanted to die, both of them had thoughts Harry. The unforgivable." He said sitting back down with pain in his voice.


 Thinking about that hurt. He was going to say something but Katy came in with a bundle of flowers.


"Hey Zayn." She said setting the bundle down.


"Hey." He said stretching.


"Has the doctor said anything about her?" She said sitting in the other chair close to Claudia.


"Nothing." He said depressed.


We stayed silent for a while longer. I like silence and all but I didn't like it at a moment like this.


"When Claudia's sister comes we could go do something. You've been cooped up in here, you need to go out and stretch." I said putting down a magazine I was reading.


"I have plenty of fun in here. My own bathroom. A nice TV with 2 news channels in French and Italian, and I get free food every day. I'm living the dream." He said curling into a ball.


Katy looked at me and gave me a questioning look. I shrugged my shoulders and she picked up a magazine. We read for about 3 minutes then he burst out crying.


"I can't be in here anymore. The food, other than the enchiladas is disgusting! The TV, the annoying nurses that try flirting with me. And then looking at Claudia every day is a pain but I just can't leave." He said between crying. "I've grown so attached to this chair too." He whimpered


"Zayn, we won't be gone for long." I said walking over to him. "Just a little bit."


As soon as he said that a girl hurriedly came in. I guess it was Claudia's sister, I could see a slight resemblance.


"You’re her sister?" Katy asked her


She nodded and grabbed Claudia's hand.


"Well, uh, we're her friends. I'm Katy, Mr. Sit on the chair curled up in a ball and cry over there is Zayn and curly head is Harry."


"It's nice to meet you guys." She said quietly. "Why are you crying?" She asked Zayn


"I can't with the hospital anymore. I hate hospitals." He said


"If you need to then you guys can go. I can stay here for the night and until tomorrow at 3. I have work at 3:30." She said sitting on a chair.


"That would be great. You'd be doing us a huge favor." Katy said getting Zayn's stuff.


"No problem.”


"We'll be back by 2:45 I can promise you that." I said getting Zayn off the chair.


She waved and we left. We struggled to take Zayn down and dragged him in to the McDonald's for lunch. Katy went to order our food and I went to sit down with Zayn somewhere.


"The nurses flirted with you?" I asked him. I found that funny.


"Yes. The worst part was that they're like 15 or 20 years older than me." He said putting his face in his hands. "They even tried doing some sexy nurse thing but they just made me gag."


"How come you never told us? We could've rescued you a long time ago." I said laughing.


“I really enjoyed those enchiladas so I stayed."


"Here's the receipt, you pick up the food when were called." Katy said coming back and sitting next to Zayn. "So what do you want to do today?" She asked looking between Zayn and I.


"Nothing." Zayn mumbled


"Could we go to the carnival? It's only open for the week." I asked


"Yeah, that would be fun." Katy said excited.


"Blah." Zayn said putting his head down.


"Don't be such a downer." Katy said moving his head.


"I just want a giant bunny that I can cuddle up with right now." He said sitting back up. "And coffee, coffee would be nice."


"23" the lady called


I got up and went to get our food. I filled our soda cups and I went back to the table, Katy was still trying to cheer Zayn up.


"What if we ordered a giant bunny for you instead?" 


"I want it now!" He whined.


"Just pretend you’re dealing with your little boy, this is practice parenting." I said giving Katy her soda.


"Ok, no giant bunny for you then now or ever. And you’re coming with us to the carnival whether you want to or not”


"And that's parenting with Katy Perry." I said giving Zayn a burger


"Just by that I think you need a few more years before you consider having any kids." Zayn said unwrapping his burger.


"You’re just jealous."


"Of what?"


"I don't know but you’re jealous."


"Cat fight." I said grabbing my fries.


She stuck her tongue out at me and we started to eat. I stretched my foot and hit Zayn's foot, he started playing footsies with me. I accidentally kicked Katy and she started kicking me as well. It was 2 against 1 and my legs were getting beat up.


"Ok I give up! I'm sorry." I said trying to get up.


"That's the most fun I've had all day!" Zayn said happily. “Happy Zayn is happy”


"Now you know how to make your kid happy, make him or her kick your friend repeatedly at McDonald's." I said limping to the trash.


"See I am ready for kids. I just need a boyfriend first." Katy said getting up. 


"We didn't being the car did we?" I asked stopping at the door.


"We walked remember?" Katy said walking out the door. “Burn off that burger and fries.”


"Let's go on an adventure!" Zayn said skipping out the door. Hurting me made him really happy.


We walked back to Katy's house and I changed into something that doesn't look like a bum. I let Zayn borrow some of my clothes and Katy went to wait in her car. When Zayn and I were ready we went down to the living room and headed to Katy's car. Zayn called shotgun which I didn't mind because I wanted to lay down in the back. The carnival was about 15 minutes away. I was already regretting to come since my legs still hurt from all the kicking but ill pull through. It was a rather large carnival, I already spotted a game that I wanted to win because the prize was a cute stuffed parrot. After about 3 minutes of looking for parking, Katy finally found one but it was far from the entrance which means more walking. Yay.


"Why so far?" I complained once we got out the car.


"This was the only available, if you’re already regretting coming deal with it because it was your idea to come, I just thought it would be fun." Katy said dragging me.


By the time we got to the entrance I was tired, I just wanted to find a bench and go to sleep but Katy and Zayn linked arms with me and we went all over the place. They forced me into a few rides but they made me the third wheel, leaving me with a stranger while they were in front of me screaming their heads off. All that mattered was that Katy was making Zayn happy.


Around 6 they got tired of rides and went to play games they were having the time of their lives while I went to go sit a nearby bench.


"You don't want anything Harry?" Katy asked me when Zayn stopped at another game.


"I saw a place with a parrot I wanted when you were looking for parking but I don’t remember where it was." I said looking around.


"Let's go look for it. I have a feeling he's going to be here a while." She said looking at him, attempting to throw a ring at a bottle but missing terribly. "If he wasn't rich and famous he probably would've lost his grocery money for the next 2 months."


We started walking around the place looking for the game but we couldn’t find it. We were chatting about horses when a kid bumped into me and I moved closer to Katy's side.


"Oh dear, I'm so sorry sir." A lady said getting her kid.


"Oh it's fine." I said looking at her.


She gave me a small smile and walked away scolding her kid. We couldn't find the game and gave up. We were already by the exit so I texted Zayn and told him to meet us at the car. We passed by a cotton candy dude and Katy made me stop with her to get some. After she got her pink cotton candy we started heading towards the car.


"Do you want some?" She asked me.


I nodded my head and got a pinch. I was eating it when I noticed an old couple looking at us.


"You two make the most adorable couple ever." The old lady told us


"Oh, uh, we're not dating." I said, I felt my face turning red


"Then why are you holding hands?" The old man asked


We both looked at our hands and saw out fingers intertwined. We both quickly let go and I shoved my hand in my pocket, she put her hand in her cotton candy.


"We're just....we're just good friends. Nothing else." Katy said embarrassed


"So we're we, someone told us once we were a cute couple and we ignored it. Now look at us, we ended up getting married." The old lady said smiling.


Katy turned red and I felt my face burn up


"Let's get going Lynette." The old man said putting his hand on her back. He winked at us and try stated to walk.


"Well......that was awkward." I said looking at the ground.


"Yeah...” she said not making eye contact with me.”Oh look there's Zayn." She said pointing at him.


Zayn had a huge grin on his face, a bag of popcorn in one hand, and he was pulling a small red wagon with a giant pink bunny inside


"I thought you two would've been at the car by now." He said when he caught up to us.


"We got caught up with something." Katy said eating more cotton candy


"I see you got your bunny." I said looking at it.


"Yes! The game you left me at, I won too many prizes there and the guy wouldn't let me play anymore so I had to leave. I went to go wee then I got some popcorn. I was heading towards the exit when I saw a giant bunny and I had to get it." He said happily


"And where did the wagon come from?"


"I uh... I bribed a kid for it with all the stuffed animals I got." He said looking away.


"So you pretty much spent 200 dollars on a wagon?" I said.


He turned red and started walking away. I shook my head in disappointment and followed him. What a day. 

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