Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


23. Chapter 23

-1 week later-


*Harry's point of view*


It was early in the morning and I was eating chips and watching the news, I couldn't sleep again. I was about to open my 3rd bag when Katy came downstairs and into the kitchen. She came back out with a bunch of cookies, 2 glasses, and the gallon of milk. She says down next to me and poured herself a glass of milk.


"Could we see Claudia today?" She said getting a cookie.


"Yeah. We also need to let Zayn have a break for a little bit." I said continuing to eat my chips.


It became 9 and it was still rather dark out. I looked out the window and it was really gloomy looking. Katy went up to her room to go change and I went too. I felt really lazy so I just put on some sweats and a random t-shirt that I believe was Liam's. I put on a hoodie and went to wait for Katy downstairs. I watched some show advertising some blender thing and continued to eat chips. She got some really good chips at the store last week. She came back down half an hour later in a really warm looking jacket, her skinny jeans and her fluffy boots. I look like a bum compared to her. I texted Zayn that we were going there and he told me they switched Claudia's room the 5th floor. We decided to walk there and stop by the McDonald's nearby for lunch. She lives closer to the hospital than the boys and I do. We got there a few minutes later. We headed over there but Katy stopped by the gift shop to buy Claudia some flowers or something. She left me alone and I went to Claudia's room. Zayn was there sleeping on the chair, dark circles under his eyes. I didn't want to wake him so I sat down quietly on the other side of the room. I looked out the widow and waited for Katy to come in or for Zayn to wake up. I was staring at a billboard when Zayn started mumbling stuff.


"Don't go." He mumbled. "Please. You can't. I....I won't let you. Family. Friends. Less than three." He said shifting in the chair. "I promise, just, don't. No less than 13." He said starting to cry.


"Zayn!" I shouted waking him up.


"Huh, what?" He said falling off the chair.


"Are you ok?" I asked worried.


"Yeah." He said wiping his eyes. "Everything is as fine as can be. Are you here on your own?" He asked sitting back on the chair.


"No, I came with Katy but she was getting something from the gift shop."


“Great.” He said opening a box of tissues. "Um, was I....was I mumbling stuff?" He asked


"Well, yeah. Is that a bad thing?"


"That's the 12th time. A nurse has been here around this time the past few days and she always wakes me because I talk in my sleep. She gets worried because I always say please. The first 2 times she thought it was a sexual reference but the 3rd time she said I started crying and she's been worried, I have a feeling she's going to call a physiologist for me." He said getting a bag of animal crackers that was on the table


"You probably need some fresh air, a day to stretch."


"I can't just leave her here. What if something happens?" He said looking at her, biting his nails


"Hasn't any family came around?"


"No but her sister has been texting her but I don't want to be nosey and look at her phone." He said looking at it which buzzed again


I got it off the side table and opened her sister’s texts. I told her to about the situation and she said she would be here in half an hour.


"What was I saying? You know, in my sleep."


"Please. Don't go. Friends. I won't let you. Family." I said counting my fingers. "Oh and less than three and less than 13. What does that mean?"


"Get a piece of paper and a pen."


I grabbed a pen off the side table and got out a receipt from my pocket.


"Write less than 3, mathematical form." I wrote <3. "What does that look like?"


"A heart?"


"Yes. Now write less than 13." I wrote <13. "What does that look like to you?"


"Math." I said looking up from the receipt


"No. Think about it."


I looked at it again and tried to figure it out. I spent too long on it which started to give me a headache.


"I give up." I said the throwing the receipt on the ground


"It's a broken heart. How do you not see it?" He said picking it off the floor.


I looked at it once more and finally saw it. I feel stupid.


"And what does all this mean?"


"While I’m dreaming, I'm with someone, a girl. She tells me about things. Like her younger days, thoughts she had. wanting to do the unforgivable, still having thoughts about doing it. I try to talk her out of those thoughts, sometimes I do and other times she's one step away from being done." He explains.


"Do you have any ideas of who it is?"


"I feel like its Claudia."


Sowwy for short chapter

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