Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


22. Chapter 22 - Memories



*Niall's point of view*


"Niall, wake up." I heard Louis voice say as something hit me.


I opened my eyes and rolled over to look at the clock, it was 8 in the morning.


"5 more minutes, it's too early." I mumbled throwing the sheet over me


"I'll just go tell Emily you’re not going with her and I'll eat all those pancakes she made for you."


"I'm up!" I yelled sitting up in bed.


"Good, now get your stuff and go eat, I'm dropping you two off at the airport and were leaving no later than 9:45." He said before walking out my room.


I got out of bed and threw the blankets over the bed, not bothering to make it. I got a random pair of clothes and went into the bathroom. I did my morning routine and went downstairs to eat breakfast.


"Oh good your finally here." Emily said as I walked into the kitchen "now eat up." She said putting a plate on the table.


"Eat pronto, I don't want to get caught in traffic." Louis said sitting on a chair.


"How long is the plane ride?" I asked putting syrup on my pancakes.


"3 hours I think" she said turning off the stove.


"Couldn't you two just drive? I mean it isn't that long by car is it?" Louis asked getting himself a glass of milk.


"I'm not driving for 6 hours plus traffic." She said sitting down


"Neither am I." I said drinking my milk.


We finished our pancakes and Louis rushed us to get our suitcases.


"C'mon ladies get your bags and get to the car, we don't have all day." He said clapping his hands


"I'm not a lady." I said dragging my suitcase down.


"Liam said you’re the girl in the relationship so therefore you’re a lady."


I took my bag outside and Louis came with me. He got in the car and I sat in the back and laid down. Emily came in the car a few minutes later and we were off to the airport.




"Who are we supposed to be looking for?" I asked Emily after we got our bags. My bum hurt after that plane ride.


"Just sit down, I'll keep an eye out for my sister." She said taking a seat on a nearby chair.


I sat down and got a magazine from her bag. I got really into it and was reading something about Lady Gaga when out of the corner of my eye I saw her get up and run. I looked up from the magazine and she was running towards a pregnant light skinned girl with black hair, 2 other kids and a tall tan man. I got up and went after her.


"What did you do to your hair and who’s this handsome man?" I heard her sister asked as I reached them


"Oh this is my friend Niall." Emily said letting go of her. "Niall, this is my sister who I like to call bubba. This is her husband Victor and their twins Mateo and Matias.  


I looked down and their twin boys and they hid behind their dads legs, they looked about 4.


"Nice to meet you two." I said shaking her sister’s hand then her husbands.


"So you two are 'friends'" her sister asked raising her eyebrow


"Yes we're friends, you know me. I'm not getting a boyfriend anytime soon and if I do it won't be him, he's my best friend." She explained. I felt a little awkward and took a step back indicating to her we need to get our bags. "Oh right our bags" she said turning around.


We grabbed our bags then followed her sister out the airport. They crammed me in the back with Emily and her kids. It was a tight squeeze but it wasn't a long ride. We got to their house 10 minutes later. The kids ran out the car and I got out slowly, trying to get the blood to rush back to my legs. Victor took our bags inside and Emily's sister took us upstairs to the guest room.


"I'll let you two settle in, we have some things to do so we'll be back later." her sister said before walking out the room.


"I need to take a shower." Emily said digging through her suitcase


She went in the bathroom and I was left alone. I took my wallet out my pocket and decided to clean it out since it was getting full. I dumped out all the papers I had and looked through them. Most we're just receipts or random pictures but one picture caught my eye. It was one if those photo booth pictures I took with Katy at a carnival 3 months ago.  The first one was of us hugging, the second blowing bubbles, the third and fourth making stupid faces, and the last was of us kissing. I set it down and thought back to that day, one of the best days I had with her.


-Le flashback-


*Third person*


"Ooh in your face." Katy yelled jumping around. She won a game of ring toss.


"But that's the 6th time. This game must be rigged." Niall complained.


"You’re just jealous that I'm better than you." She stuck her tongue out at him as the carnival dude gave her another prize.


"Can we go now? I want to go to sleep." He whined


"It's only 7." She said looking at her watch


"I don't care, I can't be in a place where I can't win one game!"


"Maybe next time." She said grabbing his hand as they started to walk again.


They walked all over the carnival again, Niall kept complaining and whining along the way. They played more games which he still lost. Katy won too many stuffed animals that she went up to random kids and gave them something. There was a little show of someone playing with fire which they stayed to watch while sharing a cotton candy. They we're just about ready to leave when they decided to stop at a photo booth for a memory of their day. They did their poses and left. Katy had to drop Niall off at his house with the boys.


"Where's your photo?" She said as she pulled up into the drive way.


He took it out his jacket and she wrote something on the back. She gave it back and have him a peck on the lips.


-Le flashback done-


*Back to Niall’s point of view *


I never remembered to flip over the photo and see what she wrote till now. I looked at the other side and she wrote "I love you". Looking at that brought back all the fun memories we had together. I laid down on the bed and just took a moment to remember everything. I remember pushing her into a lake once when we went for a run with Harry and Liam. Then she bought us ice cream and threw mine in the trash before I even got to touch it. I felt a few tears fall down my face, I regretted breaking up with her, and I really wanted that ice cream too.

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