Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


21. Chapter 21

I ran downstairs and grabbed Griselda's tank top. I smelled coffee and looked over at the dining table. I found Harry was not only eating Louis cookie dough ice cream, he was eating Emily's coffee ice cream.


"Dude, she's going to kill you when she finds out her tub is half way done." I said stopping at the stairs and looking at him.


"Don't tell her and I'll make you sandwiches for a week." He said taking the spoon out his mouth.


"Make that a month and we have a deal."




"Pleasure doing business with you but when she finds out you ate it it’s not my fault." I said going back upstairs.


I went back in my room and locked the door again. I threw the tank top at her and looked for a pair of sweats.


"Are you planning on gaming tonight? I need to know now so I can tell Liam I'm sleeping with him again." I said taking my shoes off.


"No, I'm not gaming again until we get back from the wedding and Baby shower." She said getting the tank top on.


"See, it fits you just right. Maybe now you can share clothes with her too." I said giving her a crooked smile.


"If you say so." She said spinning on her chair. "So I never bought the tickets yesterday because I forgot my event was yesterday and I was looking at then right now and the only flight available is for 11 in the morning on Monday. Could you wake up in time for that?" She said closing her laptop.


"Make pancakes that day and ill wake up in an instant."


"If you don't wake up then I'm leaving you."


I gave her a small smile and took off my pants. She got her pajama shorts and went into the bathroom. I got my sweats on and got in bed. I looked towards the wall and thought about today. I broke up with Katy, she got in fight with Emily, Claudia's in coma. Just thinking about that made a few tears fall down my face. Emily came back out the bathroom and I wiped my eyes with the sheets. She fixed her pony tail and got in bed. I tried sniffling quietly but it came out too loud


"Go ahead and cry it out." She said rubbing my back.


I flipped over to face her and she had a tear in her eye too. I touched her face and she flinched slightly. Another tear came out her eye


“Was that from the pain or are you thinking about today too?"


She laughed. “Both I guess”


"You cry it out too." I said wiping her tears


"So did you and Katy break up this morning?" She asked


"Yeah, she took it one way and I'm looking at it in a different angle. I know that makes no sense but that's what happening." I said hugging her


"Then explain to her. You can't not speak anymore. You’re bound to see her anyways, like Harry said, they're her friends too."


"Did she even like you? I never saw you guys talk or anything" I said turning off the light


"I don't think she did. I think it's because we did too much stuff together for example, sleep on the same bed."


"It's not like we do anything wrong."


"Go to sleep, I'm tired." She said snuggling against my chest.


-Le next day-


*Katy's point of view*


I was peacefully sleeping dreaming about living on a giant gumdrop when the doorbell rang. I ignored it the first time and continued to sleep. It rang again and it was rung repeatedly. The only person that ever does that was Niall and he was the last person I wanted to see right now. I got up anyways because I needed to pee. I went to open the door and Harry was there.


"Harry, what are you doing here so early?" I asked surprised.


"Early? Katy, it's 2 in the afternoon. How is that early?" He said raising and eyebrow.


"Really?" I said looking at my clock on the wall "Would you look at that, it is two." I said laughing. "Well, come on in." I said gesturing him to come in "so uh, what are you doing here?"


"Well first Ni-"


"He who shall not be named."


“Voldemort?" Harry asked smiling


"Yes, Voldemort." I said sitting on the couch


"But Niall has a nose and blue eyes not ugly scary red eyes and no nose." He said with his cheeky smile




"What? You want to see my lightning bolt scar?" He said getting a pen and drawing it on


"Enough with your Harry potter references."


"You’re no fun." He said pouting. "Anyways, Voldemort sent me here to give you something and I wanted to visit you." He said crossing his legs


"Why couldn't he come?" I asked raising my eyebrow.


"He went with Liam to see Claudia in the hospital."


"Wait, why is she in the hospital?" I asked shocked.


"Well according to Emily, when you two were fighting you punched her and she fell and hit her head hard. She's in coma."


"Oh my god." I gasped "Do you think I could go see her? I feel really bad now."


"Probably later, since Niall's there, he's still kind of mad which reminds me, he wrote a letter of notation for you." He said taking a note out his pocket.


It was folded up, in nice cursive handwriting it said Katy. I read it.


 "Dear Katy,


              I've come to my consent and decided that you are allowed to come back to the One Direction house hold but you’re not allowed in my room. The other boys are your friends too and they might want you to come over every now and then. I also wanted to say that I'm still mad at your for fighting with Emily and punching Claudia, I'll forgive you soon but not right now. One more thing before I close this letter. You may think that I broke up with you because I want to date Emily but that's not the case. First, I broke up because I got mad. Second, my love towards you has changed. I don't mean anything bad, I still love you and all but, more as a sister. I hope you understand. I hope we can still be friend but I'm not speaking to you until I feel like it which will be about a week.





              P.S. I read your journal on accident and I know you like Harry. Try getting with him someday, I know you'll be happy together."


I folded the note again and set it on the coffee table.


"Did you read that?" I asked


"No, I'm not that nosey."


"So? Why else did you come?" I asked relieved he didn't read it


"I was lonely, everyone else was busy. Louis was taking care of Griselda, Liam and Niall were with Claudia, Zayn is staying with Claudia, Emily had to do some last minute things before she leaves on Monday and she was going to hang out with a friend."


"Where she going?"


"She's going to her brother’s wedding and her sister’s baby shower and she'll be gone for the month, Niall's going with her." He said twirling his fingers. "Could I stay with you for the month?" He asked in a nervous voice. "Everyone else is going to be busy. Louis wanted to meet Griselda's family, Zayn's going to be with Claudia, I was texting Zayn last night and he told me Liam had love at first sight with one of Emily’s friends and I'm pretty sure he's going to want to get to know her better. I’m going to be all by myself."


"Sure, you’re always welcome here. I didn't have anything planned this month either, no interviews or anything, it's my break." I said giving him a smile.


"Great!" He said hugging me. "We're going to have a fun month."


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