Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20


*Louis point of view*


"Zayn, stop crying, she wouldn't want to see you like this." I said rubbing his shoulder. He put his phone down after calling Niall and cried more.


"After Harry broke up with her I got a closer bond with her. Within that one week we became closer and we became even bester friends. Seeing her there in that hospital bed kills me." He said between sobs.


"But she wouldn't want to see you this upset." I said hugging him.


"Anyone for Claudia Hernandez?" A doctor asked walking into the waiting room.


I got up and went to the doctor.


"You family?" He asked


"No, I'm her friend and so is the crying boy over there." I said pointing to Zayn.


"So she hit her head pretty hard, she's still out and will be for a while. You may go visit her but if you have more people coming its 5 in the room at a time. Her room is 410 A."


"Thank you doctor." I said happily


He nodded his head and left. I went to get Zayn and went up to the fourth floor. When we got there, Zayn practically ran to Claudia's room. I walked in and he was at her side staring at her.


"She looks so peaceful." He said grabbing her hand.


I stood next to him and stared at her, she really did look peaceful. A bandage was wrapped around her head and she had a few scratches. Other than that it looked like she was sleeping, ignoring us while we try to make her wake up like we usually do.


"I'm going to get something from the gift shop, you want anything?" I asked Zayn


"Just a little snack would be fine." He said sitting in a chair.


I took the elevator back down to the elevator and Niall texted me asking what room she was in. I made him and whoever he was with wait in the waiting room while I got whatever from the gift shop. I got a bouquet of purple flowers, her favorite color, and I got Zayn a bag of trail mix. I went into the waiting room and got Niall, Harry and Emily.


"Where's Liam?" I asked as we for in the elevator.


"He knew you would've gotten mad if we left Griselda unattended so he stayed behind." Harry said pressing the number 4


"So how's Zayn been reacting to this?" Niall asked


"He's taken this hard." I said looking at the top of the elevator.


We went into the room and he was looking out the window. I out the flowers in a vase and threw the trail mix at Zayn.


"This is all my fault." Emily said grabbing Claudia's hand. "If I wouldn't have gotten in that fight this wouldn't have happened." She said as she started to cry


"Don't blame yourself. It's nobody's fault. This happened for a reason I know it did." Zayn said rubbing her back.




We stayed there all afternoon. It was quiet except for the sound of the monitor beeping and Emily and Zayn's occasional cries. Emily sat at a corner and prayed the rosary several times. Zayn sat next to Claudia and stared at her. Niall sat next to him and rubbed his back and shoulder. Harry looked at Claudia and a few tears went down his face every now and then. I say by the table and read the magazines but didn't pay attention to what I read because all this was too much for me to handle.


"Excuse me?" A nurse said knocking on the door. "Visiting hours are over but one of you is allowed to stay with her for the night."


"As soon as she's done praying her rosary we'll leave." I said not looking up from my magazine.




"It's impolite to interrupt someone while they pray especially when it's the rosary. When she's done and we'll leave and that's final." Niall said annoyed


The nurse rolled her eyes and left.


Emily gave us a "thank you" look and continued to silently pray.


"So who's staying with Claudia? I'd say it has to be Zayn or Emily." I said closing my magazine.


"Zayn can if he wants." Emily said standing up and putting her rosary in her pocket


"Yeah, I'd like to stay, could you bring me some clothes tomorrow?" Zayn said stretching.


"Don't worry mate, we'll send Liam. See you tomorrow then." I said before we all walked out.


"I think I'm going to cancel going to my brother’s wedding." Emily said as we got in the elevator


"Why? It's your brother’s wedding, that's something you can't miss out on." I said looking at her.


"I need to be here for Claudia." She said scratching her arm


"Don't worry about that. We'll take care of her." Harry said hugging her.


We got out the elevator and went out to our cars.


"So how did you get here?" I asked as we got to my car


"We ran." Harry said. "Once we reached the parking lot we walked."




“We live like 5 minutes away and there was barley any cars driving.” Niall said opening the door.


We went back home and Liam was outside finishing up to wash Emily's car.


"Hey, your back." He said turning off the hose


"You didn't have to finish that" Emily said as we got out the car


"I wasn't going to but I when I was turning on the light I saw that half was dirty and half was clean and I couldn't handle it so I had to clean it." He said stretching. "Griselda's been sleeping all afternoon."


"Had she woken up at all?" Louis asked locking the car.


"Other than to use the bathroom no." He said as we went inside.


"Did you make anything for dinner?" Niall asked


"I opened a can of ravioli. That's what I ate. I think it’s still warm. Now I'm going to go take a shower." He said walking upstairs.


"Did you happen to wash the clothes?" Emily called


"Yeah, it’s in the dryer." Liam called back.


"I'm going to fold the clothes then." Emily said going into the laundry room.


She came back out with the clothes and threw it on the floor. She started folding and Niall started helping her.


*Niall's point of view*


"I need to go check on Griselda." Louis said going upstairs.


"Do you need another bag of ice?" I asked her folding my pants.


"Nah, I'm good ill just let my eye heal on its own, I don't know how to treat a black." She said turning on the TV.


"Do we have ice cream?" Harry asked getting off the couch.


"I think so but don't eat my coffee ice cream, eat Louis cookie dough one." She said. She picked up a tank top and sighed. It was a skinny black tank top.


"I wish I could fit in that." She said folding it and putting it on Griselda's pile. She and Claudia sleep over a lot and they leave their clothes in the hamper, same goes with us sleeping at their house. "Griselda was always the skinny one that eats like a pig and doesn't gain a pound, then there’s me who has to kook after what they eat.”


"Are you calling yourself fat?" I asked putting the shirt I was about to fold down.


"If you put it that way yes because it's true." She said getting another pair of pants


"Get up." I said standing up.




"Get up."


She slowly got up and I dragged her into our room. I closed and locked the door.


"Are you wearing a tank top under that?" I said looking at her


"Uh yeah, you know I always wear a tank top underneath my shirts."


"Ok, take then both off."


She froze for a second.


"You’re my best friend. I'm not going to harass you or rape you. I don't believe in sex till marriage anyways. Now take it off."


"This is wrong, your wit Katy and-"


"We're not together anymore, now take it off."




"Take. It. Off."


She hesitated and took them both off. I pulled her over to the full length mirror and stood behind her. She put her hands over her chest to cover her bra


"Tell me why you call yourself fat. I don't see anything called fat on you. I don't see anything called fat in anyone or anything, not even a sumo wrestler or panda." I said putting my hands on her waist. "Don't be insecure, embrace who you are." I said hugging her. "Don't be part of that percentage of people who don't like the way they look, the ones who are insecure. Everyone's beautiful in their own way, life is too short to worry about what you look like." I whispered in her ear. I felt goose bumps along her skin as I whispered.


"You should just be a preacher, a hot preacher. Everyone will surely listen to you." She said giggling.


"Let me go get Griselda's tank top and you'll put it in and you'll sleep in it, once we get free time while we're I'm San Francisco and Los Angeles were going to buy you a whole new wardrobe." I said letting go of her.


"Katy was lucky to have a boyfriend like you." She said before I left.


K so I didn't know what else to write for this chapter so that little Niall and Emily scene was something for people to take note of, don't be insecure, love who you are and love what you look like <3

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