Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


19. Chapter 19 - Enough

Claudia got up and looked out the window. Her eyes widened and she ran out the door.


"Uh, Niall, you might want to come out!" Liam called as he looked out the window as well


I got up and looked out the other widow. Emily and Katy were fighting and Claudia was attempting to stop them. When I say fighting I mean fighting, not some simple girl’s fight I mean legit fist fighting, hair pulling and everything.


"Why are you two fighting?" I yelled running outside, of course they ignored me.


Claudia tried using words at first but when she saw that didn't work she physically tried stopping them.


"Could you two calm down please?" She said trying to pull Emily away.


She got too much in the way and Katy accidentally punched her. She fell the ground and hit her head hard on the floor. I ran so her and pulled her aside.


"See what you did!" Emily yelled at Katy


"None of this would've happened if Niall didn't like you!" She yelled back.


Emily was going to say something else but Katy slapped her and she fell back. She was getting ready to pounce on her but Niall and Liam ran out. Liam grabbed Katy and pulled her down, pinning her arms behind her back. Nil went behind Emily and wrapped his arms around her holding her tight not letting her move her arms.


"Let me at her! She can't get away with hurting Claudia and slapping me." Emily squealed trying to get out of Niall's grip.


"Deal with the fact this is your fault" Katy said trying to make Liam let go of her arms.


"Both of you calm down for god’s sake!" Niall yelled at them both. They both shut up but Katy still squirmed around.


"You and I are going to have talk later." He told Katy. "First I have to deal with you." Niall said dragging Emily inside.


"You and Katy go in my room, it's the farthest from Niall's." I said getting ready to pick up Claudia. Liam pushed her inside and I lifted Claudia's head up. There was blood coming out the side of her head. I wasn't sure if I could work with this or go to a hospital.


"Claudia, are you ok?" I asked shaking her. No response. "Claudia." I said shaking her again.


I listened for her heartbeat and I faintly heard it. I didn't know what to do. I picked her up and carefully brought her inside.


"What just happened? All I saw was a scratched up Katy and a black eyed Emily being dragged upstairs." Louis said coming out the kitchen.


"I'll explain what I saw later, now what do I do?" I asked panicking.


He looked at her for a moment and got his keys out his pocket.


"I don't know but I think she needs a hospital." He said walking out the door.


I carried Claudia to the car and sat in the back with her. Louis then sped off to the hospital.


"Today is just a busy day isn't it?" He said speeding.


"Yes, I didn't think something like this would happen." I said looking down at her. "C'mon, wake up, I don't want you gone." I said shaking her again.


*Niall's point of view*


"Where's Harry?" I asked Liam as he came in the room.


"He decided not to go to the mall since he knew we would take too long so he went for a walk."


"Text him to come back, this process is going to be a three man job." I said shooing him out.


I closed the door and looked at Emily who was holding an ice pack to her head.


"What was that?" I asked sitting next to her.


"I don't know." She said moving the ice pack.


"Yes you do, now tell me."


"Don't pressure me for questions!" She exclaimed. Tears started to form in her eyes


"Look, just briefly tell me what happened. I want your side of the story."


"I was just there, washing my car then she came. I didn't pay attention because I was just trying to wash my car, minding my own business. She came over to me and said something about not having a man to wash my car for me but I just ignored her. Next thing I knew she was dragging me by the hair." She said sniffling.




"And what? I gave you your brief explanation"


I sighed. "Ok, I'll be back in a bit." I said getting up.


I went downstairs and Harry was coming in the house.


"What did you need me for? I was about to go to McDonald's" he said closing the door.


"So I need Emily and Katy in the same room to ask some questions but if one of them isn't held down stuff isn't going to be pretty so you need to hold one of them down for me." I said waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.


"Uh, why exactly? What happened while I was gone?" He asked walking to the stairs


"I'll explain in a bit." I said as we headed upstairs.


We walked to my room and I knocked on the door.


"Can I come in?" I asked


"No." Emily said


"This is my room too you know. We share this room don't forget that." I said shaking the door handle.


"Fine." She said unlocking the door. "Oh hey Harry." She said as we walked in.


"He-whoa. What happened?" He said referring to her black eye


"Long story." She said sitting down on the bed.


"Liam, you can come back now." I yelled


Liam came in a few seconds later dragging Katy in. Emily got up and stood at the far corner. Liam sat Katy down on the bed and wrapped one arm tightly around her. Harry went to Emily and tried to make her sit down.


"Sit." He said pushing her down.


"I don't want to, I can stand." She said crossing her arms


He pushed her down and sat on top of her.


"Go ahead and start what you wanted to Niall." Harry said crossing his legs.


"So I brought you two here today for and explanation. I've heard Emily side of the story and I want to hear Katy's." I said looking at her


"She told me her side which sounded was different from Emily's.


"I never jumped over the car with a ninja." Emily yelled trying to push Harry off of her.


"Yes you did! Then you tried-"


"Enough." I said clapping my hands. "I've reviewed both stories and I’ve concluded whose story I trust and I trust Emily's."


"Really? Instead of trusting your girlfriend you’re going to trust this thing." Katy asked disgusted


"You’re not my girlfriend anymore and she's not a thing." I said annoyed. "I don't want you two in each other’s sights anymore. Until you two can get along you can't be at our house anymore Katy."


"Fine, I wanted to talk out what happened earlier but not anymore." She said aggressively getting out of Liam's grip making him fall to the ground.


She stormed out the room and I sat on the ground. I felt a few tears go down my face


"Niall, you can't just kick her out like that, I mean you can kick her out your room since it’s your room along with Emily but out the house? We're her friends too. Shouldn't you ask us too?" Harry said getting off of Emily.


"Fine" I said softly.


"Let her cool down and talk to her tomorrow." Liam said crawling over to me.


I was going to say something else then my phone started to vibrate. Zayn was calling me.


"Hello?" I said wiping my eyes.


"Niall?" Zayn said, I could tell he was crying.


"Yeah, what's wrong?" I asked becoming worried


"It's Claudia." He said his voice cracking. "She...she's in c...coma."

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