Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18 -


*Louis point of view* 


Griselda fell asleep so I went downstairs and made myself a sandwich. I was getting the bread when I heard the front door open roughly and get slammed. Niall walked into the kitchen with a can of Pringles and mumbling curse words.


"Hey man, is everything ok?" I asked. I could see the anger in his face.


"Yeah, everything is fine. Everything is perfect. Why don't we get a cake to celebrate how perfect everything is?" He yelled exaggerating. 


"Keep it down, don't wake Griselda up."


"You see these Pringles?" He yelled waving them around.


"Yes but could you please-"


"I'm these Pringles now! I'm a single Pringle again. Take care of your girl, make sure you don't become these again." He yelled throwing them on the ground. "If you need me I’ll be in my room having fun being single again!" He yelled leaving the kitchen. "I don't need a relationship, I'm too good for anyone."


I've never seen him like that. I was expecting him to come back before at 9 or not come back at all. I was worried about what happened between him and Katy so texted her.


She explained that they argued and broke up. Niall looked upset about it and knew Katy was upset about it too. I picked up the Pringles Niall threw on the ground and went up to check on Griselda. She was still sound asleep thank god but I heard some sobs in Niall's room. I pressed my ear against his door and heard him sniffling.


"Niall?" I said lightly tapping on the door.


"What do you want?" He said with sadness in his voice.


"Can I come in?"


"Go away"


I opened the door and he was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.


"You ok?"I asked sitting at the corner of his bed.


"Grand." He mumbled.


"Did you and Katy break up?" I asked


"We're you not listening to my lecture about Pringles?"


"I was just making sure." I said looking out the window. "How come you did? You guys looked so happy together."


"If you ask her she'll say we got in an argument. That's true but I did it too because my feelings towards her have changed. I still love her but, it's not the same love I started with. I see her more as my friend instead." He said sitting up.


"Have you thought about explaining that to her?"


"Bro, it's been half an hour. I never thought about explaining because I just noticed that 10 minutes ago."


"Oh, didn't think about that."


I got up and exited the room. I went back down stairs to finish my sandwich.


*Zayn's point of view*


"This one?" Emily asked coming out the dressing room for the 6th time.


"No, just no." Claudia said shooing her back in the changing room.


"That makes 16 dresses counting the ones from other stores, how have you still not decided." Liam asked


"I really thought that light blue one was nice but this girl just can't handle it." Emily’s said


"It showed too much." Claudia said sitting back down. 


"That covered 3 fingers on her chest and it was just above her knees, how is that too much skin?" I asked sitting back up.


"It just is." She said crossing her legs.


"Your friend just texted you saying she was here at the store." I said opening up her messaging app. I was using her phone to play some game since I left mine at home.


"Tell her to come to the dressing rooms." Emily said throwing a dress over the door.


I sent back a message and put her phone down. She came back out the dressing room in her normal clothes. She tied her hair in a bun and gabbed all the dresses.


"You need to dye your hair again, the green is starting to fade." I said grabbing a chunk of green hair she left out.


"That was a horrible experience for me, I'd rather have it back to my normal color." She said standing back up.


"But it really suits you." Claudia pointed out.


"Enough. Could you put those behind you Liam" she asked giving them to him.


"Yeah." He said taking them from her.


"Emily?" I heard a girl ask


I turned my head towards the voice and saw a really pretty girl with brown hair and brown eyes, her hair was braided into a fishtail braid and had a thin ribbon in it.


"Oh my god Kyra." She said running towards her.


Se tackled her in a hug and I could tell it knocked the breath out of her.


"Good to see you too bud." She said pushing her off. “Hi Claudia." She said hugging her


"Hey, where have you been? We've missed you."


"Family issues but everything's good now. So who are your friends?" She asked looking at me and Liam.


"I'm Zayn." I said standing up to shake her hand.


"And I'm Liam." He said not looking her way but waving his hand towards her. "Is that it Emily?" He asked turning around


"One more." She said handing it to him.


He was looking the other way and when she gave him the other dress he saw Kyra, froze, and dropped it. For him, I knew that was love at first sight.


"Nice to uh, you." He stuttered looking at her.


She giggled and picked up the dress and examined it.


"This looks nice." She said turning it around.


"I told you." Me and Emily said to Claudia. It was the light blue one she was talking about. It was plain light blue with folds and glitter here and there and it had one strap that was flowers.


"But it doesn't match her hair." Claudia said taking it away from her


"She can dye it again, just make sure you get washable this time." Kyra said taking it back from Claudia "get this."


"Yes get that so we can go eat, I'm starving." I said hurriedly, I really was hungry and this was boring


"How much is this?" Kyra asked


"Uh" Emily said checking the price tag "yeah we're not getting this." She said putting got down.


"Why, how much is this." I said checking it. "$159? That's nothing, I’ll buy it for you."


"No. No, no." She said snatching it from me. "That's too much."


"Let me get it for you. It's really nothing." I said grabbing it again.


"Of course it's nothing to you, she plays minecraft for a living. What you make from one interview she makes in 50 years." Claudia said getting her bag from a chair


"It's an early birthday present. When's your birthday?" I said walking out the dressing room.


"In June, were in November." She said chasing after me.


"Fine, early Christmas present, now look for some shoes and that'll be your early birthday present." I said walking towards the shoes.


"Zayn, you don't have to." She said trying to top me.


"Just go, I'll wait here." I said sitting down on a chair.


She sighed. "Fine." She went to go find Claudia and Kyra and I waited for Liam. He came back and sat down next to me.


"You having fun?" I asked looking at him.


"Yeah, tons." He said looking at the celling. He looked at me then sighed. "I know what you’re thinking and yes, I think I do like her but I want to take things slow. I know its been 3 minutes but I feel something in my heart."


"Just don't get friend zoned."




After all that mess at the mall, Emily and Claudia made some plans with Kyra and we went back home. Claudia hoped Griselda would be able to go back home or else nurse Tomlinson and nurse Hernandez would have to be at her side. Emily went to go change into something else because she wanted to wash her car, we stayed in the living room and watched TV. Louis kept coming up and down the stairs getting several things


"He's getting so much stuff that I feel like he's about to perform surgery." Liam said changing the channel.


"Don't jinx anything." Claudia said.


Niall came down the stairs and went into the kitchen, he looked really depressed.


"You think something went up between him and Katy? I didn't think he would be here right now." I asked looking towards the kitchen door


"Something might've, I mean look how sad he-" Liam was cut off by the sound of yelling outside.

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