Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


17. Chapter 17 - Done

*Niall's point of view*


I was sound asleep and was woken up by the sounds of plates in the kitchen. I opened my eyes and saw I was sleeping on the couch with Liam. I guess Emily stayed up later than expected and I fell asleep here, I don’t know about Liam. I went into the kitchen and Zayn and Louis were eating cereal.


"Morning." Zayn said pouring milk into his bowl.


"Good morning." I said stretching. "Are the girls still sleeping?" I asked getting a bowl.


"Yeah, they went to sleep at 3. I slept on your bed and they fell asleep on the floor, their fault not mine.” Louis said. "So, I’m going to go help Emily find a dress today, I think you should come with us so you could find something nice for her brother’s wedding."


"I'll just look for something in my drawers" I said taking the cereal from Zayn


"No, you need to match with her."


"It's not like I'm going with her as a date, I'm going as her friend."


"It would be cute if you matched anyways." Zayn pointed out


When we finished Liam, Harry, Emily and Claudia came in the kitchen and started to eat cereal.


"I think my/your babe is sick. Her head felt really hot, you might want to check up on her." Emily told Louis.


He quickly went upstairs with a glass of water.


"I'm just curious but why do you call her your babe?" I asked. I knew that was a question we all had


"In middle school she proposed to me with a best friend ring, Claudia has one too but she gave me mine by proposing. We did a three way marriage and we got married on St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore she's my babe. I don't need no man because I'm already married." She said showing us her ring.


"How long ago was that?" Zayn asked


"We were 13, and now were 20 now so 7 years ago."


"And you still have the ring? I would've ended up losing that after a week." I said


"I lost mine but I found it before we got married." Claudia said putting her bowl in the sink


"So Griselda is technically cheating on you." Liam asked getting some cookies


"This isn't the first time she had a boyfriend and cheated on us. A week after proposing she got a boyfriend. She was literally cheating right in front of us but he was cool so we didn't mind."


"You’re going to have to go shopping on your own Emily." Louis said coming back downstairs. "Nurse Tomlinson is going to be busy." He said getting food from the fridge.


"Could we all just go to the mall?" Liam asked


"I'm going to go see Katy, I haven't seen her in a few days." I said washing the dishes


"Then we'll go." Emily said getting up. "The rest of you go get ready. I want to get dress shopping over with." She said going upstairs with Louis.


Everyone else went upstairs to change and I continued to wash the dishes. When I finished I was drying my hands when everyone came back down ready. I said goodbye and went to my room to change. When I finished changing I went to the bathroom to fix my hair.


"Niall!" I heard Louis call. "Come here please."


I looked at the mirror once more and went into Louis room.


"Yes?" I said walking into his room


"Could you hold this on her forehead? I need to go get a few things downstairs."  He said taking a wet towel off her forehead.


"Yeah." I said sitting where he was


He left the room and I held the towel. Griselda moved around a bit and coughed.


"Where's everyone else." She asked, her voice sounded different and she sounded like a snobby girl.


"They went to the mall, Emily had to get a dress and everyone else joined her. I was on my way to Katy's." I said switching hands


"I wanted to go with her, she hates dress shopping and I had one I mind I wanted her to get." She said trying to sit up.


"Lay down." I said pushing her down. "You need to rest, I'm sure she'll find something."


She pouted and I covered her face with the towel. When I didn't Louis walked back.


"Ok you can't be nurse." He said pushing me aside.


She giggled and I went downstairs. As I reached the bottom of the stairs Katy texted me saying she was here. I went outside and found her parked in the drive way.


"Hey babe." I said getting in the car.


"Hey." She giving me a kiss. "I want to have a lazy day." She said pulling out the drive way. "I took the liberty to go buy some snacks." She said gesturing to the back seats. There was a bunch of chips and other junk food scattered around


"Just snacks and a movie?" I asked.


"And pizza for lunch and dinner."


I gave her a toothy smile and looked out the window.


When we got to her house I helped her being some stuff inside. She made me pick a movie while she got everything else. I just grabbed a random movie and sat on the couch and waited.


"What did you pick?" She asked walking into the living room.


"I don't even know." I said taking off my jacket.


I turned on the TV and she sat next to me. I was trying to concentrate on the TV when she started kissing my neck. I turned my head to make her calm down when she grabbed my face and pulled me down. I got in a more comfortable position on top of her and we just ended up making out. She moaned a name but it wasn't mine.


"Mm Harry." She moaned


I stopped kissing her and sat up


"What do you mean Harry?" I asked raising my eyebrow


"Oh did I say that? I meant Niall." She said sitting up as well


"What did you two do yesterday?"


"Nothing, we just made cookies." She stuttered. I became suspicious.


"Did you guys kiss?" I asked getting up


She pursed her lips and looked down.


"So that's all you did last night? Kiss? What about your cookies? Have you been lying to me about baking with him this whole time?" I asked. Questions just leaving my mouth


"No, of course not! We did last night but it was an accident I swear." She jumped up


"You could be lying to me, this whole time you could've been cheating on me." I said raising my voice.


She stood there for a moment and I saw anger grow in her face.


"What about you and Emily? You two always shared a room whenever you slept over at each other’s houses, I mean look at you two now, you live under the same roof. There's 2 extra rooms in your house but she just had to sleep with you. For all I know you could be kissing her at night without anyone knowing." She said almost yelling.


"Don't bring her into this!" I shouted


"So now your defending you little girlfriend."


"Answer me one question, if you only kissed Harry 'one time on accident' why did to moan his name?"


"I….. uh…."




"There was one other time but it was an accident as well. Now. You answer me one question. Why have you been kissing Emily behind my back?"


I froze for a second. The only person that knew I did that and why I did that was Liam, I trust him and I know he wouldn't have told her.


"Who…who told you that?" I stuttered


"Don't think I haven't walked in on you, I've just always kept quiet. I'm just waiting for the day she tell us she's pregnant with your baby."


That just got me mad


"We've never done that." I shouted


"Sure you haven't. When's her birthday? I’ll be sure to get her a pregnancy test."


"I'll be sure to get you one too. Go tell Harry you’re free every night from now on and you can kiss more without it being a problem or 'accident' because there isn't going to be a Niall with you anymore! I'm done with you and our relationship. Were done!" I yelled before storming out the room

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