Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


16. Chapter 16 - Idk

-6 months later-


*Niall's point of view*


Zayn and I played rock paper scissors to see who go up to get Louis and Griselda because dinner was ready. I didn't want to go get them since they were more than likely doing ‘it’ again and this would be the 5th time I would walk in on them and make them stop. I lost and had to go. When I went in the room they were in they were just making out thank god.


"Dinner is ready." I said stopping at the door.


"We'll be down in a minute." Louis said in between kissing Griselda.


I went back downstairs and Emily was arriving from school.


"Hey Niall." She said giving me a hug.


"Hey, you made it back in time for dinner."


"Thank god, I'm starving. I need to change first. I'll be right back." She said running up the stairs.


I went back into the kitchen and Liam was helping Claudia serve dinner. I could tell she's been crying again because her eyes were red and Zayn's shirt looked wet. It's been a week since Harry broke up with her, Zayn has been the one trying to cheer her up the most. Emily has been too but school gets in the way, we've all been trying but Zayn's trying the hardest.


"Where's Harry?" I quietly asked Zayn who was sitting at the table. Even mentioning Harry's name was too much for Claudia so we had to be quiet.


"Katy called him to do something. He was going to take you with him but you were in the shower and she wanted him there fast. He didn't say why. She's had a sudden interest in baking and she's been needing him a lot so I guess that's why." He said eating his food.


Liam handed me a plate and I started to eat as well. Claudia sat down across from me and ate slowly. Emily came back down and sat next to Claudia.


"So on Monday I have to go to Los Angeles and San Francisco and I’ll be gone for a month." Emily said when Claudia leaned her head in her shoulder


"Why so long? What about school?" Liam asked.


"I’ve been left work to do. I have to attend my brother’s wedding in San Francisco and my sister is having a baby shower in Los Angeles. Do any of you want to come with me?" She offered


"I have work." Claudia said picking at her food.


"I'll be busy." Zayn said referring to cheering up Claudia.


"I want to go." I said putting my fork down “I've been meaning to meet your family anyways."


"Great, I’ll buy the tickets later. I know Griselda and Louis won't want to go, they've always been so ‘busy’" she said making air quotations.


"What about Har- I mean he who shall not be named." Zayn said


"Katy's probably going to need him." I mumbled


"What's for dinner?" Louis said coming in with Griselda at his side


"I don't know what this is, it's another one of Liam's inventions but it tastes pretty good." I said getting up.




I was getting ready for bed and I heard yelling in my room. I think Emily was going to play some event for her gaming channel or something. She was explaining to me last night but I wasn't paying attention because I got lost. The one problem with sharing a room with her is that she stays up late playing games or doing homework but I don't mind. I opened the door and she was going crazy.


"Yes I won!!!" She yelled. Unexpectedly, she gave me a kiss and ran out the room yelling. "Boo, babe, I won!!!" I heard her yell going down the stairs


I followed her down and she jumped over the couch attacking Claudia and Griselda in a hug.


"Aye, she's mine." Louis said getting off the couch.


"You shut up. Griselda's my babe and Claudia's my  boo. Let me cherish this moment of winning." She said getting up


"What exactly did you win?" I asked


"I won UHC. That may sound like letters to you but to me that's an important event. That was my first season and I beat some of the best minecraft players." She cheered


"This really is a big deal. This calls for ice cream." Griselda said walking into the kitchen.


"Sometimes I feel that we should actually watch them play that so we could know what they're talking about." Louis said turning on the TV


"Stay up for another half hour or so Niall, I have to attend a group chat." Emily said running up the stairs


"Has Harry texted you or anything I asked Louis as I sat on the couch.


"No, he said around now he would've called me or something by he hasn't so I guess he's going to stay longer." He said changing the channel


Claudia and Griselda went upstairs to join Emily in whatever she was doing. Louis went into the kitchen to get something to eat and Liam came downstairs.


"Those girls are loud." He said sitting next to me. "Zayn's lucky he's a heavy sleeper because he probably would've been up by now yelling at them to quiet down."


"So, uh, we kissed again." I told him. Ever since that day where I was making out with Emily we've been kissing often. I know it's wrong, we both feel and know that's it wrong but we just always do it. It's always a weight on my shoulders when it happens and I always tell Liam when we do because that just makes me feel better. He's always kept quiet about it.


"Whose fault was it this time?"


"Her, she was over excited and yeah."


"So are you still thinking about breaking up with Katy?"


I had that in mind for a while. I've been meaning to because I know she likes Harry. I read her journal on accident and found out. The one problem is that I don't want to hurt her.


"I don't know”


*Katy's point of view*


"So what did you want to make today?" Harry asked as we went into my kitchen.


"I was thinking cookies. Last time we tried we made we made that huge mess with flour but I feel this time it'll work out." I said getting my recipe book out. I've bought several books on cooking and baking within the last few weeks, I regret nothing.


We settled on peanut butter cookies. We got out the ingredients and started. He was supervising and gave me what I needed.


"Let me mix this, you need a break." He said switching spots with me. I gave him the wooden spoon and he started to mix. I got out the cookies sheet and trays and set those up. I turned on the oven.


"How come you broke up with Claudia?" I asked while he finished mixing.


"I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I still like her and all but the like I'm having towards her is more a family like, you know what I'm saying?"


"I think."


"Don't worry, I'm confused too." He said making a small ball of cookie dough.


"Niall's been telling me she's been really upset."


"I feel really horrible for hurting her, I just hope she'll understand soon."


"It isn't that easy for girls to understand something. You might want to apologize for breaking up and explain how you feel now. If you explain then she might understand. That's the best way." I said. That was the best advice I could give. I wasn't really close to her but I still feel bad.


*Harry's point of view*


We continued to make the cookie balls until we were out of dough. I put in the trays and we she went to wash her hands. I washed my hands and cleaned up a bit. I turned around to get another tray when I bumped into her. I jumped and my lips met hers. He lips were really soft and tasted like watermelon. It was really good and I forgot what was happening until she let go.


"Oh, uh, s-sorry." She stuttered.


"Uh, I have to go now unless you want me to put these cookies in the oven." I said rubbing the back of my neck.


"Oh no, it's fine." She said turning red.


I nodded my head and left quickly. She lived 10 minutes away from our place and it was late but I didn't want to call Liam or Louis to come get me so I walked back. This got me thinking back to several months ago. I remember kissing her on accident in the dark. That, I shook off but now this is a slight problem since she’s with Niall. I started developing feelings for her after our run in at Taco Bell, we've seen each other plenty of times before but that day I felt some sort of spark. I was going to ask her on a date after a week but Niall was one step ahead and beat me. I had my depressed weeks after that then Claudia came along and I started liking her. Just last week I noticed that the like I had towards her was more of a friendly sisterly like. I still felt really bad about breaking up with her. She took it really hard.


I got so lost in my thoughts that I almost past where our house was. When I snapped back into reality I was 2 blocks past out place. When I finally reached the house I noticed I was pretty tired but I didn't want to sleep until I apologized to Claudia. I knew she was there because her car was in the drive way, she never stays this late so I guess it's a sleepover. I checked my pockets for my keys and couldn't find them. I knocked on the door and nobody answered for a while. The lights where on and I knew somebody was awake. I knocked again and Liam finally opened the door.


"Sorry about that, me and Niall were dealing with important business." Liam said stepping aside to let me in


"Where's Claudia? I need to talk to her." I said stopping by the couch


"She was with Emily and Griselda in my room." Niall said getting off the couch


I went upstairs and peeked my head in Niall's room.  Emily and Claudia were sharing her chair and Griselda was on their lap, Louis was laying on the bed watching them.


"Uh." I knocked on the door. "Could I borrow Claudia for a minute?"


"Yeah, go ahead." Emily said


Claudia looked at Emily and hesitated then she got up from the chair and came to me. I took her into my room and sat her down on my bed.


"So, I wanted to apologize for the trouble I've caused for you." I said sitting next to her.


She looked down and didn't say anything.


"Look, could we start over? Just forget this happened? We can start over as friends, the way we used to be. Always joking around and having fun." I said lifting her head up.


"I suppose. It'll take some time for me but I think I can do this." She said finally making eye contact with me.


I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. This was weight off my shoulder.


"Are you spending the night?" I asked letting go of her.


"I think so. Griselda came with me and I don't think she wants to leave."


"You know you’re always welcome to sleep in here with me."


"Thanks" she said giving me another hug.


I felt happy now. The one thing that was still bothering me was the fact I kissed Katy again. 

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