Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


15. Chapter 15 - Idk what to call dis

Zayn and I sat on the bed and watched Louis and Griselda do their magic while Liam sat on the floor and handed them what they needed. They had an argument trying to decide whether to straighten or curl her hair but they settled on curling. An hour later they were finished with her hair and makeup then Griselda went to get some clothes for her.


"Can we go somewhere when were done and show you off? People need to know how good we are at makeovers." Louis asked her fixing one of her curls


"I don't think so!" She said snapping her fingers. "Can I see what I look like now?" she said trying to get off the chair she was in.


"We're not done yet!" He said pushing her back down on the chair.


"She should at least get a peek. Like her eye or something." I said


"No. This is a surprise."


Griselda came back and dragged Emily out. After a few minutes she came back dragging her again. My jaw dropped. She had a cream laced shirt with a white tank top underneath and a high wasted floral patterned skirt. She also had cream colored heels. Based on what Louis told us about her personality, I could tell that was something she normally wouldn’t wear, especially the heels. I was absolutely speechless.


"I think our makeover is done." Liam said moving a blanket from a full length mirror.


Her jaw dropped too. She examined herself and twirled around a few times.


"I told you that you looked pretty." Griselda said standing next to her. "If only Claudia were here to see you. We'd be like parents who are seeing their daughter all pretty for prom. Now I know what parents go through." She said wiping away a fake tear.


"But I can’t walk in these" Emily said sitting on the bed next to me.


"Deal with it, that’s part of being a woman." Louis said cleaning up the makeup scattered everywhere.


"So whose house is this?" I asked out of curiosity.


"Griselda's, Kyra had to go out of town for a family emergency and she'll be gone for a while so we couldn't go to her house." She said fiddling with her skirt


The longer I stared at her the more I was mesmerized. The green in her hair really made her light chocolate brown eyes look prettier than they are. She was just so stunning.


"Can we take a picture to send Claudia?" Griselda asked Emily


"No! You know I hate pictures." Emily complained trying to stand up


"Could you hold her still?" Griselda asked me getting her phone out.


I pulled Emily back down and held her in a sideways hug. Zayn gave me another sideways hug too to secure my arms


"Smile!" Griselda said taking a picture. "Perfect."


"Let me see." Louis said attempting to take her phone.


"Do not touch Stevie." She said hiding her phone.


"Why would name your phone that?"


"Mine is Stephano." Emily said


"That's even worse."


"You know what? Get off my level." She said crossing her legs


"What time is it?" Liam asked to prevent an argument


"11:37" Zayn said looking at his phone


"Oh shoot that's way past my bed time." Emily said getting up. "I don't care if someone is sleeping with me or not, I'm going to my usual room." She said walking out the room.


"Do you guys want to get to sleep now?" Griselda asked


"I suppose so." Liam said getting off the floor


"I call sleeping with Liam." Zayn said grabbing him.


"I'll go with Emily then." Griselda said


"I can go with her. I need to talk to her about something. You go with Louis, he can finish his flirting." I said. They both turned scarlet.


"Uh. If you want. I mean, you know, just, uh, yeah." He stuttered


"Yeah uh, you two get the room to the left of here. The room Emily's in is across the hall. We stay in here Louis." She said scratching arm and looking down


Zayn, Liam and I quickly left to make it less awkward, it probably became more awkward after we left but only god knows how awkward it got. Zayn left to the room he was going to share with Liam and Liam pulled me aside.


"Are you sure you know what you’re doing?" He asked


"Yeah, I just want to apologize, that's all." I said looking down.


"Remember, you’re with Katy, don't try anything else. I won't cover up anything else you do with her" He said before leaving.


I took a deep breath then I went to open the door where Emily was. When I opened the door she was standing in front of the mirror tying her hair in a bun. She had pajama shorts on and an I <3 SF tank top.


"Oh hey." She said looking at me "are you sleeping with me?"


"Yeah. I hope you don't mind that I sleep in my boxers." I said


"Oh, I guess its ok. I've only shared a bed with Griselda and Claudia before but I can deal with this." She said getting into the bed


"I can get some sweats on if you want."


"No its ok, you don't have to if you don't want to." She said turning to face the wall.


I took of my shoes, shirt, and pants then I got in the bed. I turned off the lamp and stared at the ceiling, I wasn't tired.


"How come you got back so early? I thought you were staying for the week." She asked me


I explained the story. When I finished I noticed that she moved a lot closer to me. I moved my hand and accidentally touched her thigh. She felt really cold.


"Are you cold?" I asked touching her arm


"Yeah but I like the cold." She said pulling the blankets tighter around her. I decided to be a good friend and I wrapped my arms around her. This was just a friendly thing. I felt her snuggle her head in my chest. After a few minutes I decided it was time to apologize.


"Emily." I said


"Yeah." She said moving.


"I'm sorry about this morning."


"Oh, it's ok. That was partially my fault since I didn't pull away."


It went silent for a moment then she spoke again


"That was my first kiss." She said quietly


"It was?" I asked surprised.


"Yeah, my parents really didn't care if I was in a relationship or not but I was never that girl someone would want to ask out. It was really rare if you caught me talking with a guy. Since that was the situation I’ve never been kissed before.”


I just couldn't believe her. How could she barley have had her first kiss with me? I admit that she looks better with this make over but even before this she was really pretty. Since guys never talked to her, they missed out on a great girl. I felt lucky being her first kiss


"Well for your first kiss you did a good job." I said starting to play with her hair. It may have been dark but I could tell she was blushing badly


After a while she fell asleep so I tried to go to sleep too. I was drifting off when I started to hear noises. I know that by now Liam and Zayn are asleep so I guessed it was Louis and Griselda. I waited to see if they were going to stop and eventually they did but then there were more noises, louder noises. I got out of bed and left the room to tell them to shut up. I opened their door just a centimeter and peeked inside. It was dark and it was suddenly quiet in there. I scanned the floor and there was a bunch of clothes everywhere which was a typical Louis thing then I saw another piece of clothing being thrown on the floor. My eyes adjusted better to the dark and I managed to see the outline of that object, it looked like panties. I scanned the floor once more before I told them to shut up and I think I saw a bra. I decided not to interfere so I backed away quietly and went back in the room with Emily. As I got back in bed I woke up Emily and I heard a moan.


"What happened?" she asked sleepily


"Nothing." I said putting my arms around her again. "Uh, is Griselda a virgin?"


"I think she is, why?"


"I thinks she's losing it to Louis right now."

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