Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


14. Chapter 14 - Argument

*Katy’s Point Of View*


Niall had our trip to Santa Monica all planned out for weeks, I just hope he doesn’t forget about it, he tends to be very forgetful, I learned that the hard way. At 3 we were supposed to leave, he chose the time. I had my suitcase packed for the week and I drove over to his house. When I got there their car wasn’t there so I figured that the others went to the store or something and he was there waiting. I was knocking on the door and no response. I waited a while then knocked again, still nothing. Frustrated, I got in my car and called him.


“Hello?” he said picking up on the 4th ring


“Niall, where are you?”


‘I’m at Claudia’s house with the boys why? Did something happen on your way to Santa Monica?”


I sighed “You forgot?”


“I knew you were going but-“


“We, we were supposed to go. I’m at your house to pick you up but you’re not here.”


“Oh um, I’ll have Liam bring me take me back home, he has to drop off Harry and Claudia there anyways.”


“Yeah, just hurry up.” I said before hanging up.


This is what I mean by forgetful, it’s been weeks and I just can’t believe he forgot when it was his idea to go in the first place. I sat there and waited for Liam to bring Niall. I was playing some random game on my phone and after what felt like years Liam finally came. I put my phone away and got out my car as Niall did. Harry came out with Claudia and I waved at Liam. He left then Harry opened the front door. He went into the kitchen with Claudia holding her hand with a cute smile on his face. I followed Niall up to his room. I sat on his bed and waited for him to get his clothes.


"How come you forgot?" I asked fiddling with the strap on my purse. He stayed silent folding a shirt. "This was your idea."


He put his shirt in his suitcase and started folding his pants, still not saying anything.


"I did remember but I forgot this morning after I finished breakfast." He finally said




"I don't know, I just did." He said quietly. I had a feeling he was keeping something from me.


I let him finish up his packing then we went back downstairs. He said bye to carry (Claudia and Harry) then we went to my car.


"Do you want me to drive or do you?" He asked opening the trunk.


"I'll drive." I said getting in the car.


I turned on the car and waited for him to get in, when he finally did I headed out to the freeway.


"So Harry and Claudia are a thing?" I asked


"I think so. I mean they're having their second date tonight but I feel like it’s their 200th. Don't they look so cute together?"


"Yeah." I hesitated. "Definitely." It kind of hurt to know he was with her. I shouldn't have any of those feelings towards Harry but like, it just hurts a little inside. I don’t know why I have that feeling.


We stayed silent for half an hour until we reached the traffic, it was really heavy. Since we were going to be in the car longer I decided to turn on the radio to ease some tension I felt.


“Are you mad at me?” he finally asked


“No.” I said flatly


I wasn’t in the mood for a conversation.  


*Niall's point of view*


I think after this morning’s incident I ended up forgetting about this trip. I was looking out the window until I noticed my stomach was growling. Right when we got back to Claudia's house Katy called me so I never got to eat.


"Could we stop somewhere to eat?" I asked looking over at her.


"If I can switch lanes and get out the freeway but by the looks of it I’m not getting anyone near there." She said changing the radio station.


I felt really awkward. I didn’t know what to do or say. The past few weeks we’ve been arguing more than we usually do. I’m guessing its part of a relationship to end up arguing at times but it’s starting to bother me on the amount of times we do. I planned this trip so we could bond more and we could stop the arguing but by the looks of it this isn’t going to work out, especially if I forgot this was happening. I though she had an interview today in Santa Monica and our trip was next week but I guess not.




"God damn you!" Katy yelled honking


I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the side of the window. We were driving past the Santa Monica pier. It was 7 and it was already rather dark and all the lights were on, it looked really pretty and colorful.


"What happened?" I asked sitting back up


"That stupid person doesn't know how to drive." She said pointing to a car. "I thought you would still be hungry so I got you a sandwich and bottle of water."


"Shouldn't we have got to the hotel by now?" I asked yawning


"I got our dates wrong, they were planned for next week. I got a call an hour ago on why I wasn't at an interview. Now I have to come back tomorrow."


“And that is why I wasn’t ready.” I said getting my sandwich. “Why don’t you just stay the night here instead?


"Wait,  you knew they were wrong and you didn't say anything?" She asked looking at me


"Keep your eyes on the road." I said moving her head to face the road again.


"Answer my question."


"Since you were mad I didn't want to say anything." I said quietly


"When did I say I was mad?"


I stayed silent.


"We'll then. Are you going back to your house or do you want me to drop you off somewhere else?"


"I need to ask Emily since I can't go back to my house." I said looking out the window.


After the last of Santa Monica was out of view I texted Emily. She gave me the address of her friend’s house. I told it to Katy then I started to eat my sandwich. Another argument added to the list.


The ride back was quick since there weren’t many cars. We made it back to town in an hour and a half instead of the usual 2 hours. I would've expected Katy to cool off by now but she was still mad when we reached Emily's friend's house.


"I guess I'll see you soon." I said taking off my seatbelt.


"Yeah, don't forget about your suitcase." She said looking the other way.


"Can I get a kiss?" I asked in my sweetest voice. She didn't say anything. I sighed. I kissed her cheek then got out the car. I got my suitcase then walked to the door as she drove off.


I rang the doorbell and a few moments later Zayn opened the door.


"Hey." He said moving aside to let me in. "What happened to your trip?"


"She got the days wrong then she got mad that I knew she got them wrong but I never told her. I have a feeling were not speaking for a few days." I said walking inside.


"So what were you doing the entire time?"


"Traffic made the 2 hour trip 3 and a half hours. I was asleep most of the time there and the ride back was an hour and a half. So where's everyone else?"


"I was in the kitchen eating an apple. Everyone else was playing truth or dare upstairs. Do you want something to eat?"


"Please." I said following him into the kitchen


He heated up some left over Mac and cheese they had for dinner. While we waited we were talking about giraffes.


I was just about done eating when we heard yelling upstairs. Then we heard someone running down the stairs and almost falling.


"Zayn!" Louis called


"In the kitchen." He called back washing a glass.


"Oh good your here too Niall." He said walking into the kitchen. "Liam, Griselda! Bring her down!" He yelled. "You’re totally going to love what we did to her."


After several thuds from the stairs, Liam and Griselda came in the kitchen dragging Emily across the floor while she covered her face. I almost couldn't recognize her when she stood up. She has thin green highlights in her hair and she had side bangs. Her hair was also down. I remember Louis telling us once that she never lets her hair down. He also told us he tried to take her hair tie off once and she almost stabbed him in the eye.


"What did you do to her hair? This is why I didn't want you playing truth or dare." Zayn said drying his hands


"This wasn't part of truth or dare anyways. That got boring then Griselda came up with the idea to give Emily a makeover and this happened."


"This hair color was able to come off with water right?" Liam asked


"I think it was." Griselda said. "Let me check the box." 


"This is only part one. We still have to do your makeup then your clothes and we might add some accessories to your hair." Louis said


"I look horrible." Emily said covering her face again.


"No you don't." I said taking her hands off her face. "You look cute with this."


Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Liam looked uncomfortable when I said that. So did Emily.


"Um Louis." Griselda said walking back in the kitchen with the box. "This isn't washable."


"Wait, that's the permanent stuff?!" Emily exclaimed


"It is? I swear I made sure it was the washable one." Louis said grabbing the box. 


"Oh great. My hair was a virgin and that's what I wanted it to stay like, I knew I had a bad feeling about this."


"You don't look bad, your look really, really, pretty. This looks nice on you. We should go out tomorrow and see if you can finally get a guy without hurting him." Griselda said


"But I don't like to have my hair down and you two know that."


"Let’s just finish your make over. Would you like to join us guys?" Louis asked us while pushing Emily out the room.


"This isn't going to be fun." She said as we followed them out up the stairs

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