Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


13. Chapter 13 - "Please don't tell Katy about this"

-The next morning-


I was having such an amazing dream about being on a different planet with really cool looking unicorns that were delivering free chocolate bars to anyone wearing purple when I was woken by the sound of giggling in the kitchen. I looked at the time and it was 9:30 so I decided it was time to get out of bed. I was getting my shirt on and I saw a note on my night stand.


Dear Liam, we went to the store to buy some stuff for Harry's dinner because nothing in the house was “suitable”, we needed to do grocery shopping anyways. We'll be back later. Niall's still at the house so if you hear noises in the kitchen it's him and not some thief. -Zayn


I put the note down and went downstairs. When I walked in the kitchen Niall was making out with Katy.


"Do you two do anything else other than make out?" I asked getting a bowl from the cabinet.


"Shit!" Niall said


"What?" I said turning around. The girl he was making out with wasn't Katy, it was Emily.


"Shit, shit, shit, I thought you were gone too!" He said panicking.


"Did Zayn not leave you a note?" I told him


"Note? What note?" He said pacing the kitchen. "Please don't tell Katy about this."


"Can I get an explication first?" I said folding my arms.


"Emily, you explain I need to find this note you’re talking about Liam."  He said leaving the kitchen


"Well?" I said turning towards him."


"I, uh." She said stuttered


"I won't get mad I promise, I just want to know what’s happening."


"I was eating breakfast at 6 because I couldn't sleep then he stared texting me because he couldn't sleep either." She said nervously "After a while he asked me if I could come over and help him make breakfast since he couldn't find any of you so I came to help him." she said sliding down and grabbing her knees. "When he asked it was 8:30, since he said I he was alone I figured you guys went shopping early. When I got here we made his breakfast and I was going to leave but he told me to stay and eat with him and I did because I got hungry. Then we started washing the dishes and I don't know how or why but he just started kissing me. I know I should've pulled away or stopped or did something because he's with Katy and everything but I just couldn’t." She said tears forming in her eyes


"Please don't cry." I said kneeling besides her feeling bad


"I feel like a horrible person, I could've just ruined their relationship." She said crying. “This wasn’t my intention, all I wanted to do was help him.”


"Don't be upset." I said hugging her. "Look, I know that you've had a crush on him for a while so I won't say anything about this."


"How did you know?" She said looking up at me "Did Zayn tell you?"




“I’m going to get him back one of these days."


“I found the note but it was on top of my drawer, you guys know I don't use that- Hun, why are you crying? Did you pressure her for answers Liam?" He asked kneeling beside us.


"Just give her moment to let the tears out." I said letting go of her. "Do you need anything?"


"Some water would be nice." She said sniffling.


Niall got up to get her a bottle of water when her phone vibrated.


"I think I should get going." She said getting up. "I need to take my friend to her house and I need to pick up my other friend.”


"We'll see you in a few hours then.” I said giving her another hug.


Niall gave her a hug as well and her water bottle. She waved goodbye then left. I got my bowl again and made myself my cereal.


"Are you going to tell anyone?" Niall asked me sitting on a chair.


"I won't but, why exactly did you kiss her." I said sitting down.


"I…I don’t know." He said putting his face in his hands "It just happened"


"Are you two awake yet?!" I heard Louis yell from the front door. "If you are come help bring the groceries in."


"I'll go, you finish eating." Niall said getting up.


I continued to eat as they brought in the stuff. When they were done with that they started to put that away and throw bags everywhere.


"What time were you supposed to go to Claudia's house?" Niall asked me


"Like 1 or 2. Are you going to come with us?” I asked him


"Yeah. I have nothing better to do, Katy was going to be out of town today." He said putting the ice cream away.


"Do I really have to go? Shouldn't I stay here and start my dinner?" Harry asked throwing spices in a random drawer.


"If you’re planning on making spaghetti it won't take all after noon." Louis said kicking a plastic bag somewhere.




At 1 we changed, well me and Niall changed, then we left to Claudia's house. When we got to her house Emily was arriving there with another girl.


"Oh yay, you made it right on time." She said as we were getting out our cars. "This is Griselda”


She had brown wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, glasses, and tan skin. We just said hi but Louis decided to be nice and shook her hand.


“Nice to you meet you Griselda” he said in a really sweet voice I’ve never heard him use before. By the way he was looking at her I could tell he was attracted to her.


“Nice to meet you too, um”


“Louis, Louis Tomlinson but you can call me Sir Sexy.” He said which made Griselda blush


“That was the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard you use.” Emily said shaking her head.


“When we get a chance, we need to go over pickup lines because you need improvement.” Harry said shaking his head as well


“Enough insulting me, lettuce go inside.” He said walking to the door


“Harry, you’ve been spending too much time with him.” Zayn said


“I told you I found someone he would like.” Emily whispered in my ear


When we went inside the house we heard Claudia arguing on the phone with someone.


“For the last time I want spicy not sweet and sour. I don’t care if it’s cheaper I want spicy god damn it!” she yelled


“I told her not to order Chinese food and to make something but she never listens to me” Emily said sitting on the couch


“So did you really break someone’s nose?” Zayn asked her


“Aye, if someone was flirting with your girl would you break his nose? I was just defending myself. I don’t need no man to protect me, I’m an independent Latina women.” She said crossing her arms


“Weren’t you drunk that night too? I remember Kyra got you to drink something then you kept on getting that.” Louis asked her


“I don’t know, ask Kyra.”


“Her, drunk? You managed to do that?” Griselda asked surprised “Whenever we try the bartender wouldn’t let us buy more drinks because it takes so much to get her drunk. Only once have we gotten a bartender to let us buy so many but she passed out half way.


“You know what? You might work at a place that makes good Chinese food but I’m tired of you, I don’t get why they even hired you. Tell your manager to give me call when they fire you.” Claudia yelled again


“I’m guessing no Chinese food for lunch.” Niall said disappointed


“Cabrons” Claudia mumbled walking in to the living room


“Hey, watch your language.” Emily sad turning on the TV.


“It’s not like they understand me.” She said sitting down “So these dumb heads hired an idiot so were not getting any Chinese food today.”


“I told you you should’ve let me make something.” Emily said getting up


“Just go buy something.”


“Anyone want to come with me?” she asked getting her keys


Niall shot up and Kyra got up after him. They then left to the store 

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