Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


12. Chapter 12 - Plans

“Oh god.” She said unprepared as they fell to the ground. “Good to see you too buddy.” She said patting Niall’s back. She tried to push him off to get up but he wouldn’t let go.


“I missed you.” He said nuzzling his head on her shoulder.


“Niall!” Katy called in an annoyed voice.


“Oh right.” He said getting up. “Are you staying for dinner?” he asked helping her up.


“She’s just getting a snack, she has to get back to Claudia’s house. Now go back to your girlfriend, she looks mad.” Zayn said moving him away


He went back to Katy who was at her car and we went inside. When we walked inside the scent of roosted chicken filled my lungs.


“Oh you’re finally back.” Liam said walking out from the kitchen. “We got some prepared chicken from the store if you want some.”


“Do you want chicken?” I asked Emily as we went into the kitchen.


“Nah, I’ll have some cookies or something else, Claudia will get mad that I already ate.” She said


I opened the pantry and gave her a handful of cookies.


“Thanks.” She said giving me a high five before she walked out the kitchen to leave. Instead of hugs we do high fives for hello and goodbye. We’re just cool like that


I got out a plate and got some chicken. I went to the living room and sat next to Zayn who was watching a documentary about sharks with Liam


“Niall move.” I heard Emily say


I turned my head to the door and Emily was trying to push Niall out the way.


“Give me a cookie.” He said trying to take one from her hand


“Get your own, you live here and you can eat the entire thing. I have a long 5 minute drive” She said


‘”It’s a long walk to the kitchen.”


“Niall, let her leave” Liam said throwing a pillow at him


“I’ll give you my Chicken.” I said lifting my plate up 


“If you can manage to push me out the way then you can go.” He said


“Niall, take a moment and think. She’s a tooth pick and you’re the empire state building. You think she’s going to move you. I said


 “Can a guy watch a documentary in peace?” Zayn said raising the volume on the TV.


I was going to get up to move Niall out the way but then I heard a thud and an “Ow.”


“Don’t underestimate this toothpick.” Emily said jumping over Niall and out the door.


“Um, what happened?” I asked walking over to Niall


“I don’t know. She like kicked me then pulled me down.” He said trying to get up


“She may be boney but she’s strong.” Louis said coming down the stairs. “We went to bar with a friend for her birthday one time and this guy tried flirting with her, she wasn’t paying attention but then he was attempting to grab her and do the unforgivable but she went all karate on him and broke his nose and almost broke his arm.” He said taking a seat next to Liam


“What do you mean by almost?” Niall asked closing the door


“She started kicking him, I don’t mean a simple kick that won’t leave a mark, I’m talking about a really forceful kick that will leave more than a bruise. Far worse than a bruise. Possibly broken bone.”” He said taking some chicken from my plate on the coffee table. “She was talking to me and he started playing with her hair after his failed attempt at flirting with her, she turned around with a really angry look, one I’ve never seen her have and I’ve seen all of her emotions, and said “touch me one more time and you’ll regret you were ever born.”, he just laughed and then that’s when he attempted to grab her. Next thing I know he was on the floor clutching his face yelling “she broke my nose that she-devil!”. I’m pretty sure he started crying too.”


“Note to self: Don’t make her mad.” Zayn said writing that down on his hand


We continued to watch the documentary until it ended an hour and a half later.


“So, I’m gonna need you guys to be out of the house tomorrow night.” I said adjusting my position on the couch.


“How long?” Liam asked


“Until the morning would be nice.” I said getting my chicken.


“Why so long? What are you planning to do by yourself that long?” Niall asked raising an eyebrow


“I’m not going to be by myself, me and Claudia are having dinner here and I would prefer if we were alone.” I said looking the other way because I felt my face go red.


“And what are you two planning to do that long.” Louis said


“I don’t know.”


“Where do we go then?” Zayn said changing the channel.


“Go with Emily or something.”


“I’ll call her then, I needed to ask her a question anyways.” Liam said getting up


*Liam’s point of view*


I went up to my room and dialed Emily’s number.


“Hello” She said picking up on the 3rd ring. I heard the sound of banging on computers keys repeatedly fast in the back ground.


“Hey it’s Liam. I have a few questions.” ”


“Uh-huh, hold that thought just one second.” She said “You stupid little bitch! Kill that dirty slut Kyra!! Mother fucking skank! Who do you think you is killing me? Well guess what, I’m going to find you and rip your eyeballs out and feed them to a goat while your hear them munch on your dirty little eyeballs. Then I’m going to rip you’re eyelashes off one at a time so you can feel the pain them ill rip off your  toe and finger nails one at a time so you can feel even more pain. Then I’ll use you’re as string to stitch together your nails then you’re going to eat it!! That’s what I’m gonna do to you slut!” she yelled


“Um, is this a good time to call or….? “ I asked sacred


“Huh, oh its fine let me just pause recording for a minute. You two better kill that cunt when I come back.” She said. I heard a lot of shuffling in the background and she started talking again. “So what’s up?”


“Harry wants us to be out the house tomorrow night and we wanted to know if we could hang out with you tomorrow night and sleep over.”


“I was gonna sleepover with a friend but if you want to come to her house you can, her house is huge. There’s plenty of room for you to sleep over.”


“Sure, that works. I also have one more question.”


“Ask away.”


“So I’ve been thinking and I think Louis needs a girlfriend, do you think you can help me find someone for him since you’re a girl and one of his best friends.”


“I was having that same thought. He’s been looking lonely lately. I have someone in mind that I know he’ll like.”


“In that case do you want us to go early?”


“Come to Claudia’s house and bring harry with you, eat lunch here then you can take him and Claudia back to your house then you can come to my friend’s house.”


“Is it just going to be you and one friend or 2?”


“2. You guys haven’t met them yet but I’m sure you’ll like them. One of them is sleeping over today with me and Claudia. It’s her house were going to.”


“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”



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