Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


11. Chapter 11 - Minecraft

*Harry’s point of view*


I got in the back of the car with Claudia while Zayn sat in front with Emily. I was looking out the window and I felt her grab my hand again.


“Since Hershel can’t go in my apartment should I just get my laptop and we go to your house Claudia?” Emily asked leaving the mall parking lot.


“I suppose, bring some clothes too I’ll call Kyra and we can have a sleep over.” She said resting her head on my shoulder


“Do you get a good pay?” Zayn asked


“You wanna join the industry or something?” I asked him


“No, I’m just curious.” He said looking out the window


“I don’t know, I never paid attention to how much.” Emily said “How come Niall didn’t go with you to the mall?”


“He said something about lunch with Katy.” Zayn said “why? Were you hoping to share pizza with him?” He said poking her cheek


“I will pull over and kick you out this car so you can walk the rest of the way.” She said switching lanes


“Word of advice, be careful what you text Louis, I always take his phone and look through his stuff.”


The rest of the ride was silent. I wanted to start another conversation but I couldn’t think of anything. When we finally got to Emily’s apartment the silence was lifted.


“I’ll be right back.” She said getting out the car.


“She likes Niall?” Claudia asked Zayn when Emily was out of sight


“Yeah, your one of her best friends you should know that.” He said turning around to face us


“Does she still like him?” I asked “I mean like, he’s with Katy and all.”


“I think so but they’re just best friends. Just don’t mention anything about it or she’ll get mad, for example, 10 minutes ago.”


While we waited for Emily, Claudia was explaining more about being a gamer and Zayn was getting really interested in it, it got to a point where he started taking notes on his phone.


“And the main thing gamers have to do is upload regularly, if not then things won’t go good anymore.” She said as Emily finally got back in the car.


“So, I ran into Bridget on my way back.” Emily told Claudia as she started the car


“Did she say anything?” Claudia asked


“May we ask who this Bridget is?” I asked them


“Our ex-best friend from high school. Senior year she became a bitch then she moved states midyear. When we became popular on YouTube she started talking to us again, she’s been hoping that if she’s seen with us then she’ll get popular too.” Claudia explained


“I don’t like her, now that I think about it I never liked her, we just hung out we were never best friends.” Emily said


When we got to Claudia’s house they started setting up their play area in the living room and kitchen. Me and Zayn didn’t know what to do so we sat on the couch and watched Claudia set up her laptop.


“Do you two want to play or just watch?” Claudia asked us moving a chair


“Can we play the block game?” Zayn asked


“Minecraft?” she asked




“Yeah, I’ll be right back” she said leaving the living room


“Since you two are playing with us will you mind if we record? It’ll be fun to have some special guests playing with us and I’m sure our people will like to see you play.” Emily asked walking into the living room


“I guess, the world can know how bad Zayn and Harry from One Direction are at some block game.” I said getting up.


Claudia then came back with another laptop.


“So were going to have to play in separate rooms, I’ll stay in here, Zayn can go in the guest room, Emily is going in the kitchen and Harry can go in my room.” She said


“Where’s the guest room?” Zayn asked getting up


“That door right there.” She said pointing to a door next to the TV


“That’s what that was? I thought that was a closet or something.


“Here, get him set up and show him how to use the keys.” She said handing the laptop to Claudia “Follow me Harry.”


I followed her up the stairs to her room. It reminded me of the guest room Katy made me stay in but Claudia’s had a lot of purple.


“You shall use my computer.” She said turning it on


I sat on her bed and started playing with Hershel while I waited.


“so, um, do you want to have dinner tomorrow night? Just us, you know so we could have more time together.” I asked


“Yeah, that sounds like it would be fun.” She said smiling and looking for a headset from her closet


“How much of this stuff do you have?”


“I have to be prepared if I’m having guest playing, do you want black or blue?”




She got a black headset and sat back down on her chair.


“So where are we eating dinner?” she said connecting the headset to her computer.


“I can kick everyone out from the house so we can eat there, I can also attempt to make dinner.” I said putting Hershel back in his cage. 


“Don’t burn it.” She teased “If it does come out bad then just order take out. Now, come here so I can show you how to use this” she said getting off the chair


After she showed me how to play she went back downstairs to the kitchen and I was left alone. I was practicing the keys when their characters came in the screen, then Emily and Claudia started talking.


"Hello people, welcome to another episode of Minecraft with Emily and Claudia." Emily said


"What she said.” Claudia said. “Today, we have 2 special guests with us, introduce your self’s guys."


I didn't know what to say so just said "Hi, I'm Harry, um, I'm 20 and I'm from Cheshire."


"I'm Zayn, I'm 21 and I'm from Bradford." Zayn said


“Copycat” I said attempting to hit him


“OW, who hit me.?” Emily said hitting me back.


“Oh sorry, I was supposed to hit Zayn.So me and Zayn are new to this so apologies in advanced if we do something wrong." I said moving my character around


"Which one of you is the penguin?" Zayn asked "and what am I? Ahh! Why is this dog wolf thing attacking me?!"


"This is what they mean by new." Emily said


"They'll be doing a few episodes with us apologies if their noobness gets you mad, they’re learning." Claudia said 


"So I'm the penguin, Claudia's the giraffe, you’re the American football player and Harry's is the other thing that I don't know what is." Emily said


“You know he looks like a spy or an FBI agent.” Claudia said hitting me


We ended up playing for 4 hours, we would've played for more but Liam texted me asking when we were getting back home.


Zayn ended up dying several, several, several times but I died once only because I hit Claudia's dog on accident and it attacked me.


"Zayn and Harry have to get home now, I hope you enjoyed them. Me and Claudia have to eat dinner too so goodbye” Emily said


“Come back downstairs Harry.” Claudia said


I turned off Claudia's computer, got Hershel who was asleep again, and I went downstairs. When I walked in the kitchen Zayn and Emily were going in too


"Did you two have fun?" Claudia asked getting up and stretching. 


"Yeah but my eyes hurt." I said rubbing them "how do you do this every day?"


"You get used to it. You ready to leave now?" Emily asked getting something from the fridge.


“I think so, do you have your stuff Harry?” Zayn asked me


I waved around my bags to show I was ready to leave.


“I’m gonna stay here and make something to eat.” Claudia said walking into the kitchen. “


I gave Claudia a hug goodbye and a kiss on the cheek then we left.


There wasn’t many cars on the streets so we got back to the house in 4 minutes.


“Do you wanna come inside and get something to eat?” I asked as she pulled up to the drive way


“Yes! I’ll get hungry from here back to Claudia’s it’s a long drive.” She said turning off her car.


“I swear sometimes you’re just like Niall.” Zayn said getting out the car “


We started to walk to the door when we noticed it was already opened, we saw Niall hugging Katy. He looked up and when he saw Emily he pushed Katy away and ran out the door


“Best Friend!!!!!!” He yelled running to Emily 

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