Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


10. Chapter 10 - Mall

*Louis Point of view*


"Are you ready?” I asked knocking on the bathroom door.


“Hold up, my hair isn’t ready.” Harry said from the bathroom


“She said she’s been ready for the past 15 minutes, I think we should get going.” Zayn said coming over to me


“Harry were giving you 3 minutes, if you’re not in the car by then then were leaving you here.” I said before we walked downstairs


“So why exactly are we going? We don’t have a date or anything.” Liam asked me walking out the kitchen


“Do you remember my friend that I introduced to you when we went to LA last year?” I asked


“The one who played that one game with blocks and yelled at the computer a lot and I thought she was crazy?” Zayn asked


“In other words Emily right?” Liam said


“Yes her. She moved here and is staying in an apartment for a week or two then she might move in with Claudia or some other friend. She called me last night and asked if we could meet me at the mall today. If you don’t wanna come that’s ok.” I said opening the car door


“Did her job move her over here or what?” Zayn asked


“She’s a gamer. She gets paid for playing that game with blocks called mine craft or other video games and she posts videos on YouTube about playing that. She moved here because she wanted to be closer to her gamer buddies and she got tired of the L.A smog.” I said starting the car


“So she gets paid for yelling at the computer and having people watch that? That sounds like a good job.”


I honked on the horn twice then Harry finally came out running. He opened the car door and jumped inside


“Now are you ready?” I asked turning my head to look at him


“I think so. Is my hair fine? Is this outfit ok?” He asked


“Yes, now we can finally go” I said getting out the drive way.


Claudia only lived a few streets away and we got to her house in about 4 minutes. The entire ride harry kept on fussing about something. Longest 4 minutes ever.


‘What do I say when she comes?” he asked biting his nails “What if she thinks I look bad? What if –“


“Harry take a breath.” Zayn said putting a hand on his shoulder


“Just act like it’s a regular weekend when we all go somewhere together. Do your usual complimenting something about her outfit, it’s no worry.” Liam said as she walked out her house


“What if I say something stupid and ruin this entire date?” he said covering his face with his hands


“Hey guys.” She said opening the door


“Hey” we all said minus harry who was looking the other way.


Zayn nudged Harry as she got in the car and sat next to him.


“Oh um Hi Claudia.” He said shaking her hand


“Since when did you shake my hand?” she asked raising and eyebrow


“Err, um, nice weather were having right? I mean look at those clouds over there, they’re um, they’re really something right? Really white and fluffy looking. Hehe” he said nervously


“So what’s new?” Liam asked her trying to remove the awkwardness Harry was starting


The rest of the ride to the mall was Harry was quiet and mumbled something every now and then while the rest of us were talking. When we got to the mall we walked them to the entrance. Harry was still quite so I took him aside and gave him a pep talk.


“Pretend this isn’t a date.” I said trying to calm him down “were letting you wander around with her for 3 hours. We’re gonna be here too because were meeting Emily, In 3 hours we’ll call you and meet up somewhere then were leaving”


“What if she doesn’t want to date and she just wants to be friends?” he asked


“I’m sure she won’t now go be the Harry you are.” I said moving him back to the others


“We’ll see you two later.” Liam said


“Have fun” Zayn said before we walked off


*Harry’s point of view*


I turned towards Claudia and didn’t know what to say.


“Is something wrong?” She asked me


“No, I’m just a little nervous.” I said looking down


“Are you nervous about this date?” she asked smiling


I nodded my head in response. She started giggling and grabbed my hand. She started walking toward some store and I followed


“Why are you nervous? We see each other every weekend, just act like it’s one of those days.” She said taking me into an electronics store


She let go of my hand and walked to the video games. I took a few deep breaths and followed her. She was looking at the computer games talking to a worker about them


"So I'll take these 4 and I need a new microphone for my headphones." She said pointing to the games


"What's all this for?" I said walking to her


"I never told you I was a gamer?" She said


"A what-er?"


"The microphones are right this way mam." The worker said


She followed the worker and I was right behind them. She got her microphone, paid, then we left.


"What exactly is a gamer?" I asked


"I play games, make videos about it, and post them on YouTube." She said grabbing my hand again


"Isn't that what Emily does?"


"Yes! Me, her, and two other friends always game together. So what do you wanna do? We have 3 hours don’t we?"


We ended up going into every store in the mall. I didn't know there was a pet store and when we walked in I went crazy. I wasn't going to leave until I bought a pet, I settled on something small and bought a hamster.


"I hope I don't get in trouble for buying him." I said as we walked out the store


"What are you gonna name it?" She asked


"I'll think about that while we eat. Where to next?"


"There's Louis, Liam, and Zayn, and they're with Emily." She said pointing to them sitting at a table by a pizza place.


"Pizza it is." I said


As we reached them Emily and zayn were playing cards while Liam and Louis were eating pizza.


"Do you have any 7's?" Emily asked Zayn


"Yes." He said giving her a card and a bread stick


"Yes! 10 points for Gryffindor!" She said giving the breadstick to Louis


"Oh yay we found you." Louis said looking as us with a mouth full of pizza


"Technically we found you” I said


“We were gonna look for you two when we finished eating, 3 hours are up. Do you want pizza?" Liam said moving some slices towards us


"Yeah." I said getting some chairs for me and Claudia


"Why do you always win?!" Zayn shouted


"Team Loumily wins again!" Louis said giving her a high five


"So you’re betting with bread sticks?" I asked sitting down


"We bought 48, split them in half and started playing card games. In the end, team Ziam only has 4 left" Liam said handing us a bread stick from their 4


"So what did you two get?" Zayn asked us


"I got a hamster." I said putting the box on the table


"Oh finally a pet. That's what we were missing in Casa De Direction." Louis said trying to look at the hamster who was sleeping


"That's what you decided on calling your house?" Claudia asked "how did you come up with that?"


"It was Niall's idea." I said


"So what's your hamster's name?" Emily asked me


"Um, Hershel." I said


"I'm not even gonna ask why." Liam said getting up. "I'm getting more breadsticks."


"Hurry up with your pizza, I need to play more mine craft." Emily said


"Oh yeah me too, can I go with you? I also bought that one zombie game you told me to, you need to show me how to play it." Claudia asked her


"Can I go too? I need to see what this whole “gamer” thing is about”." Zayn asked her


Claudia and I ate 2 slices and we finished when Liam came back. We threw away the plates and left.


“So Zayn and Claudia are going with you correct?” Louis asked Emily


“Yeah, do you wanna come too harry? You were questioning the whole gamer thing too. This is your chance to learn.” She told me


“Yeah, is Hershel allowed to come?” I asked checking on him


“I don’t think they let animals in my apartments. We’ll figure this out in the car.


“Ok then, we’ll see you guys later.” Louis said before he walked to the car with Liam.


“C’mon, my cars this way.” Emily said walking the other way 

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