Teenage Runaways

I'm the oldest child of my family of 4. My mom and dad, me and my youngest sister. We live on a large farm miles away from town. My dad abuses me, my mom is to scared to stop him. I've gotten used to him constantly beating me when he mad or just wants to. I let him take it out me because I don't want him to touch my sister. I will do anything to keep him away from her. I need to leave this place. I need to find a safe place for me and her. Far from this farm.


2. The Scream

Harrys p.o.v

" come on Zayn !" I scream up stairs. Today we are going for a jog.

" coming !" Zayn yells walking down the stairs

" I was thinking we could go down to the creek by Maples plain." I say as I start the car

"Okay." Zayn pulls out the map


I drive down a dirt road. I reach to turn up the radio but Zayn slaps my hand.

"Dude I'm serious !" Zayn snaps

"You need to find a girl. You can't just go out every night , bring home a girl and then ditch her the next morning." He lectures

"I'm 20 years old! I'm going to enjoy it. When I find the right girl, then we can talk about me settling down." I tell him and park on the side of the road. Zayn rolls his eyes and get out of the car along with me. As we start to jog down the path I hear high pitch scream. I look at Zayn to see if he heard it too. He looks at me matching my expression.

"Probably just a bird or something." Zayn assures me. I nod. Me being my curious self can't stop thinking of it.

"Um I forgot something in the car. I will catch up with you?" I ask, he nods and continues jogging. I start to jog back to the car constantly looking into the woods trying to find what that noise was. It was not a bird. That was a girl. At least that's what I thought.

I stop at a tree and lean against it. I don't know why I'm so curious about that sound. I close my eyes and take in a deep breath of the pine surrounding me. The whole world around me goes quiet but a small whimper. I open my eyes and focus on the sound. I stand straight up and turn towards the woods. I continue to walk more into the woods when I spot something red. As I get closer the the object of red I realize that is a person in a red jacket. I knell down next to the girl. She jumps when she sees my presence and moves away from me.

"S-sorry, um are you okay." She shrugged not letting me get a full look at her.

"I can help you. Don't be afraid." With what I said she slowly looked up at me revealing a large handprint bruise on her face.

"Who did that to you?" She looked at me with a scared expression, then turned her head when we heard a little girls voice yelling 'Brianna'.

"I have to go." She quickly said as she got up and ran to the direction the voice was.

"Meet me at the creek tomorrow at noon!" I yelled to her.

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