Nothing stronger

Emma has always liked Harry. A close friend of phoebes older brother Louis. But when things become heated between Harry, Emma, and phoebe what will prove to be strongest, friendship, love, or hate?


4. Harry's

I woke up in Harry's arms. In Harry's bed. Wait, in Harry's bed! I jumped up," nothing happened."

He groaned and wrapped his arm around my waist. " yea Harry." My heartbeat sped up whenever I said his name. He groaned again and propped himself up on an elbow, " yea Em nothing happened don't your remember anything." I blushed. To be honest everything after the kiss was blurry. "Not really." He laughs, a deep laugh that sends shivers up my spine. "

Well you must have been completely out after that kiss of ours." His emerald eyes catch mine and I melt and relax. " you do believe me don't you?" Harry whispers in my ear. I nod and snuggle in closer to his warmth." Of course I believe you." I'm about to doze off again when my phone buzzes. Shit it's phoebe!

You never came home what happened are you ok?!

Yea phoebe I'm fine just spent the night at Harry's that's all nothing major

Wait you spent the night at HARRYS like in his BED?!?! Nothing happened right

No nothing happened we kissed under The fireworks I Said I was tired and he took me to his place that's all

You're sure nothing happened Emma? ;)

Yes phoebe do you know how strange it would be for me to sleep with your brothers best friend!?!

Yea I don't even want to go there gosh that's just gross!

I don't get to respond because Harry steals the phone from my hand. " Harry give it back!" He chuckles as I roll on top of him trying to get my phone back. He laughs as he reads my conversation, "yes It would be weird sleeping with me but it's not THAT bad." He laughs and rolls over on top of me. "I can show you now if you like." He smiles sheepishly at me."Harry if this is going to work you need to understand that I'm not sleeping with ANYONE until I'm wed and I'm still 17." He groans and leans in to kiss me. "Well," he begins inching closer slowly closing the gap between us," are worth the wait." And again I feel the fireworks off in my head as my world becomes him.

" OHMIGOD! I cannot believe it that was the first date Emma!" How did you score like that!?" I laugh " I don't know he said I was worth the wait of waiting until I was married to sleep with him. At least he understands that. She nods " yea that'd be weird if you guys did end up getting married we'd be like sister in laws." That's all she needs to say before she realized the brilliance of her plan. " gosh Emma you have to marry Harry!" I laugh same old phoebe leave her to match Making and soon enough you have a new celebrity couple. " you guys would be the cutest celeb couple." She coos. " oh and speaking of celeb couples looks who is already published." She throws me a magazine. " look at who made front page." My gut twists when I see a picture of Harry and me on top of his car kissing. My cheeks flood," oh it's not that bad they were going to find out anyway." I manage I stutter out something like " press" phoebe just laughs. " get used to hidden press they look like normal people when they know that there's going to be something news worthy." I laugh she's hinting towards the ice cream incident. My cheeks flush again, we had managed to end up spilling ice cream all over ourselves which did nothing good to my image.

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