Nothing stronger

Emma has always liked Harry. A close friend of phoebes older brother Louis. But when things become heated between Harry, Emma, and phoebe what will prove to be strongest, friendship, love, or hate?


3. fireworks

Phoebe spent the rest of the day at my place doing and redoing my hair makeup and outfit ynti she settled on a cherry red knee length dress with a bleached denim half vest. After sticking my feet in brown cowboy boots she set to work on my hair which she braided down my back an set with flower pins. She smeared a girly pink lipstick and smother me in all other sorts of powders and creams. " done." She sighs and sits exhausted. I can only help but laugh. Where would Harry take me today? "My laugh is cut short by a slight rapping on the door. " 8 minutes early" phoebe says. " do you want me to stay and wait or should I head home?" I shrug " to be honest I don't know how late I'll be out so whatever you want is cool with me." She chuckles " I'll trash your house for a while then I'll text you if I've left." I turn to her smiling " sounds like a plan."

I've barely opened the door when Harry sweeps me off my feet and into a tight hug. " you took forever and I miss you" his voice mimics hurt. " aww I'm sorry I had to put my lipstick on." I give him a pitiful puppy dog face. He smiles but the. Surprises me by leaning in an sealing me between him and the wall. " do you know how many years I have watched you grow more and more beautiful? How many years I have wanted to..." I look at him " to what Harry?" He smiles devilishly. " this" and in an instant that small space between us closes and is replaced with the heat if his body and the sweet cologne on him. And for those short moments there is only Harry only out kiss and his lips. I groan, soft and unintentional but he pulls away. "That bad huh?" My eyes flicker but the fireworks in front of them won't go away. " anything but." I must sound like I'm in some sort of trance because he smirks. " we could just go to my place and relax. Do nothing but enjoy each other for a couple hours." I smile playfully " aw but I got all dolled up to go out." He smiles "then go out we shall."

The fireworks light up in different patterns illuminating the faces of gazers on the ground at the carnival. " tonight couldn't hear been more perfect" I mumble into Harrys chest as we lay on the hood I his car watching the show. We did everything, rode every ride twice, won every game, and ate fried food until we felt sick. But still it was perfect. "Eh" replays Harry who's fiddling with his cap staring at me. "What do you mean eh?" I ask. " it lacks something that's all, something important." I frown them realize that he's been staring at my lips. I can't help the smirk that rises to my face as I snatch his beanie and pull it over my face so that only my lips show. I laugh " if you can guess what movie this is from I will guess what's missing." Silence. Damn what did I do wrong? But then I hear rustling besides me and Harry's lips once again meet mine. I taste the sweet funnel cake and salty peanuts on his lips and don't stop him when he lets his tongue enter mouth. There is something more to this kiss something deeper than the first one. It might just be the fact that this time, I wanted the kiss to happen just like it did I wasn't surprised by it's coming. And in my head and above us there are fireworks.

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