Nothing stronger

Emma has always liked Harry. A close friend of phoebes older brother Louis. But when things become heated between Harry, Emma, and phoebe what will prove to be strongest, friendship, love, or hate?


1. feathers

Phoebe throws a sleek golden top with fancy black print spelling out "kiss" across the chest and a pair of bleached navy jeans at me " wear this." She turns and smiles at me as she struts over to my shoe closet picking out a pair of black heels that I never wear "and these." I would really rather not be embarrassed in front of my brothers friends.She winks and I know what she means Harry and Niall the two cutest boys to ever walk the crest view high school hallways." Wait you never told me they were coming." The thought of Harry makes my heart do jumping jacks and my stomach backflips. It would be weird though I mean phoebe is Louis sister. Although she knows how I feel about Harry and seems pretty cool about it. "And Emma please try not to be late." She scolds me. " you're picking me up remember goon?" I ask throwing a pillow at her. She laughs and dodges the throw," haha yea well at least try to be ready on time." I laugh "don't tempt me to be late."

Three hours later I sit on the front drive waiting for phoebe. Why does she take so long! Finally her polished silver convertible pulls up in my drive, I hop in and laugh " look who finally showed up" a muffled cough attracts my attention to the driver, "oh hey Lou" I say indifferent. " I thought phoebe was coming to get me?" He groans " you know how she is she left during the afternoon and got back late. So she had me come get you while she prepped." I laugh, same old phoebe.

When I get to her room I notice one thing, phoebe. I've never seen her like this she's pacing and flushed. But at the same time blushing and shaking. " god phoebe what happened to you!" She looked up at me " I broke up with Todd." I'm flabbergasted. " why? What happened?" She sighs and starts crying," he texted me saying he wanted to see me but when I got there he was drunk. He pulled me down and we started making out then he took my shirt off. Then my pants." I gasp horrified " that's when I realized what was happening, I slapped him screamed to never talk to me again and ran out." I sit there stunned " he was a douche anyway" I can't help but laugh when she does " well we have a party to attend" after fixing her makeup we head downstairs where the real party is. My eyes glance over the sea of heads and falls on him, Harry styles the sexiest man alive. But for some reason his eyes are on me. I walk with phoebe up to Louis's group and sit and talk for a while enjoying the party and the people, eventually Harry walks up to me and plucks something out of my hair, a white feather probably from phoebe messing in my closet. He smiles revealing his dimples, god I could just melt right now! " I think this was in your hair." He says stating the obvious and giving me the feather. Damn that must be why he was staring earlier. As if reading my thoughts he laughs. The laugh of a god, "that's not why I was staring earlier if you were wondering." Briskly he turns and walks off, what was that all about? I catch phoebes gaze on me and shrug if she doesn't know then I sure don't.

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