Nothing stronger

Emma has always liked Harry. A close friend of phoebes older brother Louis. But when things become heated between Harry, Emma, and phoebe what will prove to be strongest, friendship, love, or hate?


2. calls

"God Emma what was that!" I shake my head " hell if I know phoebe!" I shiver embracing the feeling of his soft hands against mine. She rolls her eyes " you are so starstruck" I mumble something about shutting up but his emerald eyes block any chance of thinking. They cloud my vision. My phone starts to buzz setting off " say something " I laugh when phoebe jumps " scared of slow songs much?" I joke picking up my phone. "No," she smirks, "just who's making the slow song play.l with that I look at my phone , god it's him! "At two In the morning?" Phoebe shrugs " he's still here at 3 sometimes." I answer " how did you get my number?" I almost snap into the phone. His voice comes out garbled, he was sleeping. "Hello to you to." He laughs and I melt. "So I was thinking that I really didn't see that much of you tonight, we should meet up." I look at phoebe stunned she motions I the phone then mimics her mouth moving. Right decline or accept ," ok that'd be nice" I can practically hear his smile over the phone, " great I'll pick you up at 1" the line clicks and I Realize that he's hung up.

"What did he want" phoebe prods I shrug " nothing really he just wanted to meet up , said he didn't see me enough last night." She flips, " OHMIGOD!!! do you know how huge this is haha you've been waiting for him to ask you out since he could talk!" I sit silent waiting for the rant to end. Unfortunately this goes on for another good half hour before she shuts up and looks at me " you have to sleep!" In a mad dash she throws the covers on me sets my alarm and turns off the lights. " god Em why didn't you tell me to shut up?" I look at her " shut up" I say groggily. she sticks her tongue out at me and tolls over smiling.

My phone buzzes a minute before my alarm clock, I figured you would wake up at 8 and I wanted to be what you wake up to ;)

Way to be cheesy Harry

I'm not that cheesy there are cheesier things than me

Doubt it

Stop making fun of me I'm going to cry ;(

Ok fine why did you wake me up cheddar?

Because I wanted to let you know that you need to wear lipstick, the good kind that doesn't come off easy.

Why would that be Harry?

That's for me to know and you to find out ;)

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