Who Knew?

Everyone thought that Kimberly and Louis were going to last forever. That is, until Kimberly crashed her car into a building and got a coma. Nobody knows if she will make it. But if she does make it, then will she remember anything? Who knew that life could get so hard?


1. The Crash

Kimberly's POV

"Kimmie! Lou texted you and said he was already there!" My roommate Ariana said.

"Crap! I gotta go, bye!" I grabbed my phone and purse while rushing out the door and hurrying to my car.

If you didn't already know, my name is Kimberly, but all of my friends call me Kimmie. I am just on my way to meet my boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. No, you didn't read that wrong. I am actually the girlfriend of a world famous boyband member. I actually don't see him as the hot, famous guy. I see him as a real person, unlike most people.

My phone was going crazy with text messages.. Was Ariana actually texting Louis for me? I checked the messages and saw that she HAD texted him for me!

L-Hey! I just got here!

K-Ok. Can't wait for tonight ;)

L-I know that's you Ariana.

I laughed aloud at how Louis knew me and my best friend so well. I would never send him a text like that!

I looked up from my phone, realizing that I was driving, and I couldn't see anything. It was just a bright light. Soon enough everything went black and I couldn't see.


Louis' POV

I can't wait for tonight! It's the night that I am finally going to propose to Kimmie. To pass the time, I waited in my car and looked out of the windows, careful not to get close enough for someone to see my face.

Then, I heard sirens just a block away. Things sounded really bad. What if that's Kimmie? I don't want her hurt! So, grabbing my hoodie in the back seat, I slid it over my head and put the hood on, walking over to the accident.

When I got there, I immediately noticed her red car. And being lifted into the ambulance was my future wife. If the police see me rush over there, they will just kick me out, right? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. They know Kimmie is my girlfriend, right? It's all over magazines.

I rushed over there, taking my hood off in the process.

"Hi, can I go with her? That's my girlfriend." They nodded and let me in to sit down next to her.

In the ambulance, I called her parents to tell them she is going to the hospital. I am actually leaving for our next tour tomorrow, and I don't want to leave Kimmie alone in the hospital. What if she wakes up and nobody is there?




As soon as they rushed Kimmie into the emergency room, her parents arrived.

"Thank you so much for calling us Louis." Her dad said.

Kimmie's mom was too emotional to say anything. So instead, we all got in a group hug and waited in the waiting room.


Kimmie's POV

All I saw was darkness. My head hurt like crazy. Where are my parents? Shouldn't they be here to help me get through this pain? I need someone right now, where are they?

Then, I heard a man's voice and footsteps walking into the room. "She is in a coma right now. She just has to wake from it, but there is only a ten percent chance that she will make it. Her head collided with the glass at the worst angle possible. And if she does wake up, then she probably won't remember anything that has happened in the past few years." Then, I heard him walk away.

Hearing more sobs, I came to the conclusion that people were crying about me. Is that doctor crazy, though? I am going to wake up and I do remember everything that happened in the past few years. About two years ago I moved into a flat with my best friend, Ariana. We both got a job at a makeup store that has a name I absolutely CAN'T pronounce, and last night I was on my way to buy the 'Midnight Memories' album when I got in a car crash. And I also heard that Louis Tomlinson was going on a date with his girlfriend somewhere so I think I was going to go stalk them as well.


Louis' POV

It's about 3:00 in the morning and I am exhausted. The boys and I have to leave in five hours and I am STILL at the hospital. So, I decide it's about time I get some rest. I hugged Kimmie's parents and told them to call me when she wakes up.


Kimmie's mom's POV

After Louis left, I fell asleep next to my husband in the very uncomfortable hospital chairs. When I woke up, it was 9:00 in the morning. That means Louis is on his plane right now going all the way across the world. I looked over at Kimmie and saw that she just woke up.

"You're awake!" She nodded and stretched her arms out. I got the doctor, and he quickly came in.

"Hello, Kimberly. Now, I want you to tell me everything you remember from the day you were born to last night." He said.

"That's easy! I was born in the United States in 1994. My family moved here to London when I was five because my dad got a new job. In middle school, I met my first best friend, Ariana. After we graduated, we moved into a flat together. We both got a job at a makeup store that has a name I absolutely CAN'T pronounce, and last night I was on my way to buy the 'Midnight Memories' album when I got in a car crash. And I also heard that Louis Tomlinson was going on a date with his girlfriend somewhere so I think I was going to go stalk them as well, but you know, it's kind of too late for that." Kimmie ended her story and smiled. Wow, she can remember all that but she can't even remember her own boyfriend?

The doctor wrote some things on a clipboard and motioned for My husband and I to go into the hall.

"So it seems that she just doesn't remember her boyfriend, according to the story you guys gave me earlier. Now, I don't want you to force her to remember him because that will just make her confused. Let her find out about him on her own. Or, she can move back to the United States so that she can start something new and completely forget about Louis." The doctor walked away and let us talk about what we are going to do.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"Well, I don't want her to be confused. I think we should move back. I could get a new job, too. It's really not that hard." Connor, my husband, said.

"It's something to think about." I shrugged.

"For now, she can live with us. I don't want Ariana giving her any ideas about Louis." Since when did Connor get this smart?

"Lets just discuss this later." As we walked back into the room, we saw Kimmie sipping on some water.

"So, we are thinking about moving back to the US." I said.

She spit all of the water out of her mouth and yelled, "WHAT?!?"

"Calm down, Kimmie, let us explain." Connor said as he tried to calm her down.

"There are some bad memories here that you forgot about," I lied. Connor shook his head yes, motioning what I said was good. "And we really don't want you to remember them again. You went through years of depression, and the doctor said your depression is over. But it might come back if you stay here longer." Connor smiled, but Kimmie looked like she was about to cry.

Thankfully, my phone interrupted her so I went out into the hall to answer it. It was Louis.

L- I just landed. Has anything happened?

KM(Kimmie's mom)- Yeah, I'm sorry but she's dead.

That's when the tears fell out. Not that she is actually dead, but now I had to lie to one of the best people in the world, who was in love with my daughter.

L- Thanks for telling me.

Then, he hung up.



Hey guys! How was the first chapter? I can't wait to write the rest! I just hope this movella will turn out to be AMAZAYN! Haha, no? Okay. Anyways, don't forget to like, favorite and comment! XOXO, Samantha <3


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