Who Knew?

Everyone thought that Kimberly and Louis were going to last forever. That is, until Kimberly crashed her car into a building and got a coma. Nobody knows if she will make it. But if she does make it, then will she remember anything? Who knew that life could get so hard?


6. Secrets

Kimmie's POV

As I'm having a cup of tea with Louis in this gorgeous kitchen of his, Eleanor barges in, yelling into the phone.


Then, she hangs up.

Louis whispers to me, "I'll be back in a few minutes."

I nod my head and watch as he walks away, calming down Elle and leading her into another room. Taking a tiny sip of my tea, I realize that Louis will never go for me. He has a wife. Sure, it's pretty obvious that she has cheated on him, but Louis would never have the heart to do that to anyone else.

Just as I am done searching through my thoughts, Tucker texts me saying, "I'm sorry that we didn't work out, but I will still love you and will never forget about you for as long as I live."

I didn't want to lie to him, but I didn't want to feel bad about hurting Tucker's feelings so I just didn't respond.

Putting down my phone, I realized that I could hear everything that Louis and Elle were saying to each other. As I listened more carefully, I just now realized that the two were talking about me.

"It was your fault, Louis! You were the one that kissed her and made up some crazy lie that she was your girlfriend and you thought she was dead." I could hear Elle's sobs grow louder.
"She was my girlfriend! Now if I make you talk to her then do you promise that you guys won't kill each other?" Eleanor sighed and breathed out, "I guess."

Louis started to walk back into the kitchen, so I quickly opened up my phone and started playing Flappy Bird, which is really addicting by the way. I died on the fourth level when he knocked the phone out of my hands and said, "You two girls need to sort things out. ALONE! But first I am going to call Paul inside to make sure you guys don't kill each other."

"No Louis we're fine." I said.

I followed Eleanor down the corridor and into the same room that I heard her and Louis talking in; it looked like a library with a huge amount of books.Oh great, now he's going to hear us, this room is huge and it probably has an echo to go with it. And that's the last thing I would want, a guy listening in on my conversation with his wife.

Once Elle closed the door, she motioned for me to be quiet. Following the questioning look on my face, I whispered a, "What?"

I followed her through another door, into another hallway, and up a set of stairs that I didn't even know was there. Well, sort of because the door that she led me through was a secret door that looked like a bookshelf. I bet Louis didn't even know the door was there! That, or they obviously wanted me to hear their conversation.

Observing every little detail, I realized that the secret bookshelf was meant to be there. There were what felt like millions of doors running down a gigantic hallway. Each door was closed, but the last door in the hallway was open just a crack. Maybe they were having their real conversation in here.

As soon as I walked through that door, I felt different. Uncomfortable. I just overall didn't have a good feeling as to what was about to happen. I could be in the process of getting trapped for all I know. Elle didn't seem like a friendly person to me, because I take first impressions very seriously. But people do change, just not this fast.

Seeing as there were a lot of old couches and chairs in this room, I thought it would be easier to stand than to get yelled at for ruining or breaking something; I am pretty clumsy.

Elle closed the door all the way, stood silent for a moment, then spoke.

"Look, I'm not mad, angry, or sad any bit. I don't like you, but I don't hate you either. This conversation is not going to be about Louis. It's going to be about how bad I feel right now."

"You feel bad? For what?" I asked.

"You must not be familiar with the girl rule, 'I see him first, he's mine,' but in this case, I didn't see him first. He was actually going to propose to you with this ring that night your car crashed."

Elle flashed her beautiful ring. That was MY ring! That's the ring I've always wanted! I can't believe Louis would do that to me!

"Wow, Louis is a dick." I sarcastically mentioned.

"I know, right. That's why I want to tell you a secret that you can never tell anyone!" Elle looked as serious as possible before saying, "Derek is my best friend. We were always there for eachother up until high school. But Louis doesn't know that. I only told Louis that Derek was my ex just so that he would be jealous of me. But he's gone too far with it, the jealousy has taken over Louis! But when you arrived, this became a whole different story. Louis forgot all about me, thinking I was already cheating on him," Eleanor paused for a moment to think, "I'm getting back at Louis!"

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