Who Knew?

Everyone thought that Kimberly and Louis were going to last forever. That is, until Kimberly crashed her car into a building and got a coma. Nobody knows if she will make it. But if she does make it, then will she remember anything? Who knew that life could get so hard?


2. Moving Away

Kimmie's POV

Once we got home(to my parent's house) from the hospital, I had to start packing everything. If you are wondering, I left a lot of stuff at my parent's house because I like to visit there often. My dad said that he would go by my flat and pick up all of my stuff. I guess there are just too much bad memories there for me to handle.

We had to finish packing within a week so that we could get out of here really quickly. There was a plane that my parents had to pay for to ship all of our stuff to the United States. How did they even get the money anyway? I'm pretty sure I was making the most money in the family. My dad was only working at Nandos for now because he got fired from his old job. My parents better not be stealing money from me. Or maybe they know somebody who is rich and got some money? Eh, I doubt it...


Here we are, at the airport. I could never even imagine leaving London. This is where I grew up, made my first friend, I even learned to ride a bike in Battersea Park(where One Direction filmed the 'One Thing' video). When I was in the U.S I didn't feel like I belonged there. Like I had to stay over here for some reason. This is my home.

FINALLY, we boarded our plane and sat down. Luckily, I got to sit next to this really hot guy. Now I really wish I had a boyfriend. Well, maybe I can win this guy over, this is a fifteen hour flight you know...

Within an hour, I actually exchanged numbers with the guy! It turns out his name is Tucker. He's really nice, funny, and also single! ;)

Five hours after that, Tucker let me fall asleep on his shoulder! I was completely fan girling inside, while trying to hide my emotions on the outside.

I think I was asleep for the rest of the plane ride because when Tucker was shaking me awake, everyone was getting off.

"I'll text you later today." He said.

"I'll make sure and text you back!" I laughed nervously and blushed because of the stupid answer that I gave back to him. He just laughed back, and as he walked away, I slapped myself on the head for most likely scaring him away.

My parents have been looking online at some houses earlier this week and found one that they already bought. We just haven't seen it yet.

About twenty minutes later, we were finally at our new house. All I can say is that it is gorgeous! It looks like a mansion! Where did they get the money to buy all this stuff? As I walked inside, it was already fully loaded with our furniture and other belongings.

I hurried up to my room and found that everything in it was One Direction. I was screaming with delight until I realized that something was missing.

Nothing had Louis on it...



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