Who Knew?

Everyone thought that Kimberly and Louis were going to last forever. That is, until Kimberly crashed her car into a building and got a coma. Nobody knows if she will make it. But if she does make it, then will she remember anything? Who knew that life could get so hard?


13. How They Met

Kimmie's POV

"So, I actually never heard of how you two met." I said, talking to Louis and Elle. The silence in this room was getting extremely awkward and I'm usually the one to break the silence. Maybe asking that question was a bad idea though...

"Derek was the one who set us up." Elle kindly said, but I could feel her eyes burning holes into me. I don't know if I was just hallucinating or not. Elle now had the biggest smile on her face; almost as if Louis had just broken up with me right in front of her. I know we aren't going out, but- wow I am going crazy. I didn't even drink any alcohol!

"When did you two meet?" I awkwardly asked. The tension in this room was only getting stronger.

"Enough about us," Elle kindly said. "How did you and Tucker meet?"

"We met on a plane," I sternly pronounced. Every one looked taken aback by this, so Harry decided to speak up.

"Kimmie, would you like to go to Nandos with me to get everyone's food?"

Niall was the first to get out of his seat and run to the door.

"Sure I guess," I replied, glad to get out of here.

Once we were both out the door, I gave Harry a long hug, tight enough to probably kill him if he wasn't so strong. "Thank you for getting me out of that hell hole."

"No problem love," Harry chuckled. I've never had a problem with him calling me love. That's what he has always called me ever since we first met. Even when I was with Louis. Louis most-likely didn't have a problem with it because that's what Harry calls every girl. That and Louis says it a lot too.




When we got back to the house, Niall ran to the kitchen to start eating his food. I was hungry, so going after him, I ran into the kitchen to find something I expected but did not expect at the same time. Elle had Louis in her arms and they were nastily making out with each other on top of the counter.

I ran as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom and just vomited. After locking the door, I sat on the floor and cried for what felt like hours. I don't even know why I was crying. Elle deserves Louis so much more than I ever did. I can tell that he likes her so much more than me.

I'm really not surprised that no one came for me. They probably think I'll be out in a few minutes anyways. They are completely wrong. Tonight, I just want to be alone. And even with the negative thoughts flowing throughout my head, I still managed to fall asleep in the bathtub.



Hey guys! I promised you that I would publish another chapter today, and I was extremely bored as well. I really hope you enjoy this chapter, because the next few will get even better! Don't forget to like, fave, and comment if you haven't already! XOXO, Samantha <3

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