Who Knew?

Everyone thought that Kimberly and Louis were going to last forever. That is, until Kimberly crashed her car into a building and got a coma. Nobody knows if she will make it. But if she does make it, then will she remember anything? Who knew that life could get so hard?


8. A/N

Hello everybody! Now you guys really deserve an explanation as to why I haven't been publishing or even on this website lately! My neck has actually really been bothering me to the point where my mom had to take me out of school to go see a doctor. I just got back from the doctor and he said I gave myself whiplash by cracking my neck too much and causing muscle spasms. ._.

I know, stupid move... But I just haven't been in the mood for writing because of this. And I promise you guys that the day my neck feels better, I will try to update again. And again, I'm sorry but so much has just been going on right now and I am never in the mood for writing anymore. But just please hang in there, because I really do want to continue on with this story!

XOXO, Samantha <3

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