The Hairstylist

Just a normal hairstylist, Avery Elizabeth was going to her newest assignment in London. He accidentally bumps in to One Direction. Literally. She then realises she's doing their hair.


3. The Job

As we start to land, Harry wakes up. I grip the seat, as the landing is the hard part.

"Don't be scared, love." Harry says. "Uh, I'm not scared." I say. I gather my stuff together and we finally land.

I get my small suitcase from the storage place and get off of the plane.

I get a taxi and tell the driver the place where David texted me. I think of what happened with Harry and I forgot to ask him for his number. "I forgot something. Can you wait for a second?" I ask the driver. "Look, ma'am. I don't have all day, but please hurry." He says.

I run back to the airport and see the getting in a van and paparazzi surrounding them. "Harry! I forgot to get your number!" I yell. He motions for me to come and he enters his number in my phone. He kisses my lips gently as the paparazzi push me away and the van pulling out.

I run back to the taxi and go to our shoot.


"Hello! Welcome to London! Are you ready?" David greets. "As ready as I can be." I flatly say.

He leads me inside and we get my station ready. I get my makeup and hair styling tools from my big suitcase and start to get myself presentable.

"Ok, sweetie. They are coming soon. Ready?" "Yeah. Bring them in." I say.

Then, they walk in.

One Direction.



"Hey Avery." Harry says. "Hi Harry." I say. I snap out of staring and start talking. "Alright. Who's going first?" I ask. "I guess I'll go." Louis says.

His hair goes in a quiff so all I had to do was brush, gel, and spray.

Zayn went next. He has a quiff too, so I did the same. I put dry shampoo in.

After that, Liam went next. He has a small quiff, I didn't need to gel a lot.

Niall went after Liam. They all had quiffs, so I did the same to all. I straightened a bit of Niall's just to get a bit of flare.

Harry went last. The messy curls. Oh no, I thought. I brushed his hair and straightened it and sprayed it. He was easier than I thought.

I did their makeup afterwards and I didn't put like eye shadow on or lip stick. I put foundation to even their skin-tone and a bit of blush. They're guys so they don't need a lot.

When I finished, they did photos whilst I sat in the back watching.

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