The Hairstylist

Just a normal hairstylist, Avery Elizabeth was going to her newest assignment in London. He accidentally bumps in to One Direction. Literally. She then realises she's doing their hair.


2. The Flight

I stare out the window as someone sits next to me and I jump.

"Oh my god." I say. "Hey." Harry says. "What's Up?" I ask. "Nothing. It looks like you're lonely. So I wanted to join you." He smiles.

I pause my music and take my earbud out. "Are you guys pretty big in the UK?" I ask. "We're big in the whole world." He laughs. "Really? What's the band name?" "One Direction." He says.

"I think Delaney listens to you. I haven't. I listen to Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry." I giggle. "Ed's our friend." "Really?! I would love to meet him!" "Well you met one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Be happy." He chuckles.

"I guess I am." I say looking out the window again.

He pulls the arm rest up and cuddles against me.

"What are you doing?" I ask. "I'm kinda cold. You're warm." "Uh. Thanks?" I say giving him the look. "Where's your next concert?" I ask. "O2 Arena. Would you like to come?" He asks. "I don't know. I need to check with David to see if I'm free."

"I would love for you to come. Do you play?" Says Harry. "I play a bit of guitar, piano, bass and that's it." I chuckle. "Niall plays guitar, I'm learning piano and I play guitar. Everyone plays something. Louis and I play kazoo, though." He laughs. "You know, this won't be as bad as I thought." I mumble.

"I would love to get to know you more." "Well you know me as much as I know myself." I say.

I kiss his cheek as I fall asleep with him still on me.

I wake up just an hour before we land, and I start to text my best friend, Kelli. "Hey gorgeous! Are you there yet?" She texts. "Nope. But a cute guy fell asleep on me;)"

"Really? What's his name?" "Harry. He's adorable. Here's a pic of him!" "Oh he's cute! Does he have friends?" "Does he have friends... Hmmm... YES!! He's in 1D if you can't notice! Delaney loves them! And so does Izzy."

"Well. Cant wait for you to get here! So excited!"

I lock my phone and wait for the plane to land.

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