The Hairstylist

Just a normal hairstylist, Avery Elizabeth was going to her newest assignment in London. He accidentally bumps in to One Direction. Literally. She then realises she's doing their hair.


1. Airport and Accidents

I grab my car keys as I head out the door.

I drive to the airport and unload my car and walk towards the entrance. Today's the big day when I start my new project, thee big project.

David didn't tell me who I was doing, but he seemed pretty excited about it.

I walk to check in and hand the nice lady my boarding pass and my bags.

She puts it on the conveyor belt and I go to my gate with my carry-on bag.

I stop to get some Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks coffee, for my morning energy. I slept in late and the baby kept crying. So I couldn't get enough sleep. And no, I didn't have a baby. It is my bestfriend, Delaney's baby.

I get up from the seat and bump into someone and spill my coffee all over my new jacket.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry! I'll pay for it." The man says. "No no no. It's alright." I reply, not looking into their eyes. "Please. It's the least I can do." "No, really. It's fine. I have an extra jacket in my suitcase."

I look up to them and my jaw drops. He's pretty handsome. "And, my names Harry. Harry Styles." "Avery. Elizabeth." I say shaking his hand.

"C'mon. Where are you going, Avery?" He asks. "Uh, I'm going to London for a new project." "Huh. What a coincidence! So are we!" He says cheerfully. "We?" I ask. "Yeah. Me and my band.

"Well... We're mates." He says walking towards them. "Zayn, the mysterious one. Liam, the daddy direction. Niall, the food addict and the Irish one. Louis, the funny one. And me, the flirt and the cheeky one." "Well you are the flirt! You've proven your point." I say giggling.

"Haha. Yeah." He says smiling.

"Flight 29 to London is now boarding. Please make sure you have your boarding pass ready." The lady says over the speaker. "Alright. Time to go." I say.

"Boys! Let's go." He says to all of them. The one called Niall looks at me and whispers to Harry. "Hey, she's cute. Where'd you find her?" He asks. I chuckle a bit as I listen.

I hand the lady my pass as she scans it and let's me go through. I walk down the ramp and enter the plane.

"Welcome. And good morning." The captain greets. "Morning." I say back.

I head to seat 4F and put my bag above me.

I sigh as I sit down. "This'll be fun." I mumble.

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