InterRacial Love

Growing up raised in a small town. Being taught black an white relationships were wrong. It's never stopped me before. A trip into my life as it goes along for you all.


4. Single & Loving It..

After I broke up with him I started spending more quality time with my friends. No one understood why I had broke up with him. But I knew and that's all that mattered. Throughout everything with Kurderious I had met this boy from Crawford county. Jaylin Hicks. We talked for 42 weeks until a sermon I heard made me feel the need to get rid of any negative influences in my life. I texted him and told him that I wanted our relationship to be a positive and good relationship and he got pissed. We stopped talking. For a while. Even up to now. I wonder sometimes if he will ever get over it and try. But then I think. He didn't care about me in the beginning or at all if he didn't even want to give it a chance. Since then I have been being single. Few crushes but none take action. Being single is kinda fun because you can flirt when you want to. It's never been like that with me but it is this time. I feel like it was a good thing I got rid of the bad in my life. It makes it easier to live.

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