InterRacial Love

Growing up raised in a small town. Being taught black an white relationships were wrong. It's never stopped me before. A trip into my life as it goes along for you all.


1. Reasoning...

At my school the boys are separated into two groups. Blacks and whites. Those categories then start more of their own. Whites- they have first the rednecks who are racist. Then stuck up preps. Preps who hang with blacks. And wanna be blacks. Then the Blacks- ghetto wanna be thugs. Then racists. And the kind who act White.

My name is O'livia Poole. I am a white Freshman. Girls are divided into the same categories as guys. But me. I'm stuck in the middle. My momma is white and my stepdad is black. Therefor some blacks despise me because of their marriage and whites don't speak to me because they see Black and White marriage wrong. I have Four friends out of my whole school. My best-est friend for life is Alexis Lee (Black-Freshman). Then there's Melissa (White-Freshman) Meagan (White-Freshman); and Dovie (White-Freshman).

Alexis is a black girl who's brother is a major influence on my religious life. (Christian. That is--Jalen Gardner) She is none of the categories a middle loner like me. Unlike me she is very like able and has plenty full of friends.

Melissa. Oh what to say. She is a white girl who dates black girls like me. She doesn't have very many friends like me. A middle loner. She used to be one of the types of white girls who wasn't a prep but was taught to act it and think interracial dating was wrong. But she don't make it.

Meagan. I haven't none her long. She is new to school this year. Has friends outside and inside of school. Isn't a prep. Doesn't really have a category. Doesn't have interracial relations herself but forms no opinion on them with others.

Dovie. She is very nice. Outgoing. Kind'of quiet if you don't know her. Not very much to say about her.

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