InterRacial Love

Growing up raised in a small town. Being taught black an white relationships were wrong. It's never stopped me before. A trip into my life as it goes along for you all.


2. How It All Started..

I had lived with my grandparents until I was 13. All my years in grade school I though black boys; black people in general where yuck. When I moved on to middle school in seventh grade I had a huge crush on Keyshawn Gaddy(a black 8th grader). We started to date. Texting on school nights. Him being super sweet to me. I met his brother Kevis Gaddy too. Our relationship lasted a max of two weeks. And what do you know who was blowing up my phone. Kevis; I got so hooked and strung up on this boy we dated on and off for a year until I finally found out he had cheated on me the whole time. After that I was heartbroken. Time flew by as I flirted and hoped for another boyfriend. It never came. Eighth grade came along and I was still single. I guess being with Kevis had really messed me up. They would say I was an emotional wreck. Halfway through eighth grade term I had moved in with my mom. She was married to a black man named Jason Baldwin. Life started moving on forward a normal. Crushes along the way but none like the love I had for Kevis.

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