InterRacial Love

Growing up raised in a small town. Being taught black an white relationships were wrong. It's never stopped me before. A trip into my life as it goes along for you all.


3. Bus Love..

When I started high school I started to ride the bus home from school. I met this kid on the bus. Kurderious Glover. He was very nice. Sweet. Anything you would look for in a guy. Except looks. We dated for forever it seemed like. Getting off the bus holding hands. School events. We would go to the pavilion when we would first get to school and we'd hang out until the bell rang. Quick kisses aftershool hugs after being separated for weeks on time. I though he as the love of my life until I finally realized I didn't love him much less even like him. I was craving to have a boyfriend. I broke up with him. He never understood what he had done wrong. He never will because he did nothing wrong. It was me..

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