Just didnt know it yet

First fan fiction hope you like it if you want to be a character in it just tell me.


4. the next day

Niall slept at your house since he was just crying so much that he couldn't drive home. You got up earlier than everyone else and stared to make breakfast. Britton and Harry slept over in the guest bedroom. Niall just wanted to sleep on the kitchen floor so you had to quietly cook. As soon as you started cooking the bacon,Niall immediately woke up." What are you cooking princess?" "Just some bacon for us." "So what are we going to do today princess?" "Well I was planning to go to the amusement park but I don't know if your still sad." " I still am a little bit, but I think going there will take my mind off of it." " okay after we eat go get ready." You called Britton and Harry to come down and eat and all of you did. At the amusement park there was also a water park in so you decided to put on your bathing suit under your clothes." AND BRING YOUR BATHING SUITS. THERES A WATER PARK." You said and everyone responded with an, "OKAY!" You wore a black bikini with some black sunglasses and sandals.

I'm not continuing this anymore... I just don't like it sorry

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