Just didnt know it yet

First fan fiction hope you like it if you want to be a character in it just tell me.


1. morning

You woke up to the sound of pans cluttering the ground in the kitchen. You go down the stairs to find an adorable Niall attempting to make you two breakfast. He had just slept over.You guys aren't dating, Niall has a girlfriend named Barbra, your just simply best friends. You laugh at Niall and go get your self a glass of orange juice. Niall stops you before you open the fridge and says, "no my princess I will serve you," he said jokingly.This of course makes you blush and smile. You just love it when he calls you princess. When he's done making the breakfast he serves you and himself. In the middle of breakfast the both of you are laughing and making jokes when Niall gets a message. He's still smiling when he reads the message, but then his perfect smile fades away."what's wrong?" " ugh nothing it's just Barbra. She wants me to go to her house this instant. I'm sorry princess but I have to go" " oh okay." This makes your face and smile drop. " don't worry love I will be back later." He goes to grab his jacket, gives you a quick kiss in the cheek then leaves.

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