Just didnt know it yet

First fan fiction hope you like it if you want to be a character in it just tell me.


3. later that evening...

Stephanie's pov

Niall finally comes back after like 7 hours of being with his girlfriend. I mean I can't blame him, he's with his lover. The one he loves....He came in with heavy breath, face red, and tear marks. " o my god Niall what's wrong?" You asked with a really worried face and voice." Shh-e...sh-ee cheated oo-n m-me" he said between tears."that b*tch" you yelled. You were about to run out the door to go beat her up but Niall held you back by your waist. " no princess please I want you to stay here with me and help me get better." Of course you stayed with him he's your best friend. You called over Harry to also come and help him. He brought his girlfriend Britton." I hope if it's okay that I brought Britton she just wanted to see her best girlfriend( girl best friend)." " yea it's fine Harry .... Nialls in kitchen. Please talk to him, he's broken." You and Britton go upstairs and talk about how you've been and try on random clothes because you can.

Nialls pov

" Mate are you okay?" Harry asked " n-no." " you have to get over her. She's not good at all" " I-i know...it's j-just that w-hen I went d-downstairs to make s-some lunch for us two a-and came back up s- she was e-eating his face off and h-half naked it j-just broke my h-h-h-eart" and I burst in to more tears " mate she doesn't matter anymore. If she really loved you she would've never broke your heart. It may take some time but find another girl who will take care of you properly and love you forever." " okay thank you Harry. Can you call Stephanie for me?" "Sure" I heard Harry yell by the stairs."STEPHANIE NIALL NEEDS YOU!!!" She came down the stairs and asked what I needed.

Stephanie's pov

"STEPHANIE NIALL NEEDS YOU!!!" I heard Harry scream." Stay here Britton I will be right back." " okay" I went down the stairs." What do you need Niall?" "C-can you m-make m-me brown-nies" " sure niall" " thanks princess" you blush vigerously. " BRITTON COME DOWN!!!WE ARE MAKING BROWNIES!!!" " COMING " she yelled back. She gave a quick kiss to Harry and we started the brownies. Once you finished you baked them and ate them. " do you feel better?" you asked Niall. " yes, a little bit". " good, I hate seeing you be unhappy" you said while hugging him and him hugging you.

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