Forced to love... A Zayn Malik fanfiction

Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


9. chapter 9

Maddie's p.o.v

I woke up and found myself in some one else's room, it looked familiar but who's?. It then all came flooding back to me, the Malik's, the marriage and my conversation with Maheen. I got up from the floor, yup that's where I sleep whenever I stay over! I groaned at the sight of me, my mascara was every where and I looked like I hadn't left the house in ages! "Maheen get up!" I said pushing her slightly. "One more minute mum" she replied "haha Maheen wake up I'm not your mum! Get your lazy ass out of bed" I said laughing at the same time. She shot up "okay I'm up! Woah what happened to you? Who killed my best friend!" She asked jokingly "haha so funny, I'm gonna be in the shower if you need me" I replied "yeah and I'm gonna go back to sleep" I shaked my head at her laziness and grabbed some of her clothes.

I came out of the bathroom to find Maheen on the phone "yeah she's at my house, nope she didn't take it very well either, urmh okay bye" she got off the phone and looked at me "took you long enough" I ignored her comment. "Mmhhmm who was that on the phone?" I asked her "oh it was just Harry asking if you knew and how you are feeling about the whole idea" she replied "well it's nice to know someone's concerned" I said feeling a bit annoyed at Maheen for not taking my side. "Yeah anyways we are meeting up with all of them later to grab some lunch so get ready" she said whilst grabbing a towel and some clothes "is Zayn going?" I wasn't going to go if he was there "no his going to meet up with his girlfriend" Maheen said "girlfriend he has a girlfriend yet he's getting married to me?" What he had a girlfriend then maybe he won't have to marry me yes! "Yh his mum said he had to break up with her, so I'm guessing that's ha this going to do" Maheen replied "oh what damn now we'll definitely be getting married" I let out a loud groan and Maheen laughed making her way into the bathroom.

An hour later were both ready to go. "Am I driving?" I asked her. Maheen knew how to drive she just doesn't have a car to drive, so I plan on buying her one for her birthday shhh don't tell her that! "Nope I don't wanna spoil my clothes! I have to look good for harry" she said smoothing down her clothes. I laughed it off and grabbed my keys and purse and walked out the door her following behind me.

We reached a small little cafe called 'Cathy's Cafe' "are you sure this were they asked us to come" I asked her for the fifth time already "yes stop getting so worried" she yelled at me "wait what if Zayn's in there" i asked unsure of whether or not to go in. "If he's in there you simply just walk out okay?" "Okay" I replied it wouldn't hurt to check I guess. We both hopped out the car and entered the cafe. In the far corner we could see Harry's curly hair and the end of a quiff I think it was a blonde. Liam was the first to spot us. "Hey girls, were so glad you could make it" I checked the table yup Zayn wasn't here. I grabbed a seat next to Liam and Maheen grabbed a seat next to Harry. We were handed menus I decided to go for a chicken rap. The waiter came over and took all our orders. "So Maddie how'd you take the big news then eh?" Louis asked me trying to be playful. I rolled my eyes "can we not talk about this right now please". They all seemed to understand me. Just as the waiter bought our food to us the door opened, every ones head besides mine looked towards the door. Maheen gave me a guilty look and mouthed sorry. What why is she apologising? I turned around and standing behind me is Zayn. Great just the person I wanted to see! I turned my head back around "urmh guys I think I'll be going my parents have no clue where I am and I still haven't talked to them yet" I looked towards Harry "can you drop Maheen off home please?" He nodded his head and I turned around only to bump right into Zayn. "Watch where your going" he said sternly glaring at me. "I wouldn't have to watch where I was going if someone wasn't standing right behind me" I replied back fiercely. Oh no he is not getting away with this letting him get away is like letting him get away with murder. "Leaving so soon are we?" He asked staring me straight in the eyes "yeah I'll rather get pushed in front of a car than hang around with you" I said pushing past him and making my way out of the cafe.

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